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  1. They've always warned that they MIGHT start at some point, but you'd get a 30 day notice before the charge comes in - that started today for us Nokia users too.
  2. Happening here on my Symbian S60 T-Mobile (Debranded) Latest Firmware'd N95 :( (Thats a mouthful!)
  3. Glad its not just me then.. :rolleyes: Guess they have changed it. £5 more a month for Web n' Walk Plus should work though, right?
  4. Absolutely bloody awesome :rolleyes: Big brother live, whereever i go! Its a student dream! :P Edit: And for a bit more technical review: I've got an N95 and the service is perfect here (Uxbridge, London) its just like watching the live web stream from channel4.com on my phone (which i did try, but its a windows media stream, not realplayer compatable). I am so glad i left Orange for t-mobile. And as far as i can tell, this data usage isn't counted in my web n' walk cap, right?
  5. Hey guys, I've never had a problem before i tried to logon today (its been a couple of weeks i guess since i last tried though!) But it now seems when i connect to my N95's Web n' Walk through my mac i'm unable to connect to various things i used to before, for example, i cant connect to MSN, or AIM... I know these aren't in the terms, so they're more than allowed to block, but its still a bit of a pain if they are now blocking it. Is anyone else having this problem? Many thanks :rolleyes: -Liam
  6. RazorD

    N95 on Orange UK

    Honestly, not as good as i got it. The phone seems to be getting worse, its odd: GPS locks are taking much longer to lock. The camera has got worse every day since i got it (latest picture: http://www.gladdy.co.uk/pink2.jpg) Various bugs are really annoying: The 'cancelling a connection attempt crashes the phone' bug, and the 'gallary web settings (flickr/vox) are buggy' bugs are annoying. I'm gunna go to t-mobile tomorrow and ask them to replace it, its 3 weeks old, so they might fob me off to nokia, i'm hoping not... Still, its a really good phone, bugs are just getting me down.
  7. RazorD

    N95 on Orange UK

    Crazy. Glad i went with T-Mobile - Internet Telephony settings are definately there ;)
  8. Well, i've come from Windows Mobile to the N95, and theres not a single thing i really miss.. Admittedly, i'm not a officetype, but i do run Microsoft Exchange for my email and contacts and thought i would miss activesync much more than i do! Things just work.. and thats been my issue with Windows Mobile (saying that, the N95 has a killer bug: If you hit cancel while its trying to connect to an access point, or it tries to connect to a preset access point which isn't available (like a wireless lan at home), the phone crashes and restarts! Its really not that big of a deal though, and will hopefully be fixed in a future firmware upgrade!) -Raz
  9. I just called Orange Updates (I've already got it on T-Mobile, but waiting for my PAC code from Orange, i figured i'd see what they can offer..). The upgrade price for me (on a £30 a month plan) was £249.99. I then went through to Orange Retentions, who offered me the phone for £19.99, matching T-Mobiles Flex 35 Package, but wouldn't offer me *anything* in the Internet space.. which i guess is what is generally expected. Anyway! Thats what Orange are offering if anyone else does want to stick with them ;) -Raz
  10. My T-Mobile Model has it here in the UK...
  11. RazorD

    N95 on Orange UK

    The GPS isn't perfect.. it takes a while to lock, but once it has, its fine - its also, (as you'd expect) *MUCH* quicker if you're not moving when obtaining the signal. My bluetooth GPS takes about 15 - 45 seconds to lock, but the phone seems to take about a minute, maybe more. I got MailForExchange 1.5 yesterday but was told only E series could use it, i got the 1.3.1 build (by guessing the url, which is: http://www.businesssoftware.nokia.com/mail...nge(1.3.1).SISX for anyone whos googling/searching for this too!) - Ill try it now ;) Edit: MailForExchange fails: I get a 'Function not implemented' error when trying to open email, but it does sync contacts.. which along with IMAP will do, pretty much - I wish nokia would release MailForExchange as a paid service for N Series users (i know they have to pay a license to Microsoft, so theres no point giving it to every N Series phone!) Edit2: Orange retentions offered me the phone for £19.99 - but i'm afraid its worth the extra money for Web n' Walk! -Raz
  12. RazorD

    N95 on Orange UK

    I think you'll notice much more if you use an Exchange server.. I do, and i miss automatic contact syncing over-the-air, but having to plug it into the pc every day isn't the end of the world - I'm using IMAP, and obviously email is pull, not push, but again: Push email was cool.. but i very rarely used it, only to manually check for email when i'm out, and if i really need it, i can just have the N95 happily hop on to Web n Walk and automatically update every 5 minutes or something, push email was very much a novelty :D The pictures are amazing on it (just look at all the pictures its taken on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/cameras/nokia/n95/). The GPS Maps are brilliant - useless indoors like you'd expect, but not having to carry around a bluetooth GPS now will save me a lot of effort. I had a C600 before, its a year old, and despite me recently going back to the factory firmware and settings, i often miss calls because it doesn't register the fact i've told it to pick up the call.. the n95 is so fast and responsive, everything you want done is just.. instant. There really is nothing i could fault with it. I read one review about it which said the slider was a bit loose and rattled: Mine doesn't. I read another review which talks about battery life.. Mine has been on for 16 hours or so now, with bluetooth and establishing a wifi connection when it needs it for podcasts or something, and the bar hasn't even gone down 1 notch! Couldn't be happier ;)
  13. It was this or the N95... *holds his N95* guess which won! ;)
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