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  1. Can someone write value memory in rom with TF3D and upload some screenshot :) thx :)
  2. Does it really looks like this ? (I think on Omnia display)
  3. to Hennnry : which start menu layout is better ? to ALL: Sense 2.5 is quite difficult to Omnia II .. I think that TouchFlo 2.0 could be faster at Omnia. I would like to see Energy rom with new system, older TouchFlo (e.g. 2.0) and lot of free ram ;) What do you think about it ? :P sry for my english :P
  4. In other your ROMs playing music was ok,, for example in version 23551, 23541, 22004.. I try install SRS WOW HD.. ;) AFTER INSTALL SRS WOW HD all works correctly ;) many thanks ;) very good rom
  5. I have a problem when listening music through Bluetooth handsfree (SBH650), call it works ok, but music no ...any solution? .. System OCK UL 21898... thx ;)
  6. I thought that which build of OCK roms is better (22004 or 23637)... sry for my english <_<
  7. Hi, OCK Build 22004 UL - I have the first problem, freezes when disable the file manager.
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