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  1. Got one from Tesco in perfect condition & one from Currys which has very very slight screen lifting but will be returning as afraid it'll get worse over time.
  2. I would take it back for refund as you have 14 days & buy one from another O2 shop to see if you get an unlocked one. Two friends but a payg from the same O2 shop at the same time & one was locked the other wasn't. Looking at the boxes ther's no indication of what version so its just luck I suppose
  3. Actually my local comet superstore had a demonstration unit. Before I bought mine I went in to try & the chap pulled one out from under the counter. He said it only arrived the day before & they were still getting to grips with it before actually putting it on display. I haven't been back since so I don't know if they put it with the dictaphones but at least they knew what I was. I've since returned mine though.
  4. I've been playing with the Transformer for a few days but sadly had to sell it on today. Don't get me wrong its a brilliant piece of kit & its destined for greatness, but the 10" form factor just isn't suited to me. I've been using a 7" Galaxy Tab for a while & I'm so used to the portabilty that I just couldn't get used to the bigger size. I'm looking forward to the 8.9" Galaxy Tab see how I get on with that, but I'm 80% sure the 7" size is the one for me.
  5. I already have a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab which I take everywhere. wife has her Ipad, which by the way is brilliant for reading magazines & newspapers, which stays at home mainly. But I couldn't resist ordering a eeepad from comet.co.uk with 5% & quidco discount, but unsure whether I'll be keepng it. I'm a bit concerned about their refund policy in that open box returns incur a 10% restocking fee. I thought that the distance selling rules allow for the buyer to examine the goods. I have a question for those who bought from comet & returned the the pad as to whether they had the 10% fee waived.
  6. Has FR11 release fixed the browser reverting to mobile view issue?
  7. Paul, I'm using this awesome rom at the mo & its definately the pick of the bunch. I have a request with your next release. Can you look into the internet browser because even if I set the user agent to desktop it still displays a lot of websites in mobile view. Most notable is my favorite www.bbc.co.uk & bbc iplayer site. There is no way to select desktop version either like some websites have at the bottom of the web page. I've tried alternative browsers such as Dolphone HD & Miren with ua settings to dekstop but they exhibit the same behaviour. Thanks
  8. Just got my O2x first thing I did after firing up the browser is to change the user agent to desktop. However it doesn't seem to be working. I go to bbc.co.uk & it defaults to the mobile site & bbciplayer just says my phone is not supported. Installed Dolphin HD, chose desktop ua & same thing happens. How can I get the browser to default to desktop, my Nexus S has no such problems.
  9. Compared to Nokia 5800 all phone speakers are crap. It def had the best speakers I ever heard on a mobile
  10. I have a Nexus S which I'm happy with but thinking of getting the LG just for a change. I have a few questions 1/ How much storage available for apps? 2/ How loud is the external speaker, mainly for ringtones loudness 3/ What video codecs does it play out of the box? Thanks
  11. Considered getting the Vega but in the end I got Ipad 16G @ HK$2988 brand new from Apple Store HK which equates to approx £240. I have a relative coming over from HK next week to visit. Main reason being that any larger screen tablet I buy would be used by the whole family, also at the price I got for it was really a no brainer. I already got an Archos 70 & Nexus S for my Android fix.
  12. So I can now safely update my NS to 2.3.1 & not have the issues with flash not working on various sites.
  13. Looks like a large Defy. The specs are awesome but as previous poster says Motorola support is pathetic so I'll pass on this. Oh if it ships with Motoblur then its even more reason to avoid it.
  14. I emailed O2 back in late November for unlock code but didn't even get a reply from them. I couldn't wait any longer & sold my Streak just before Xmas. Anyway today I check my email & low & behold I have an email from [email protected] with the unlock code for the Streak. A bit too late for me but I'll pass it onto the chap who bought my Streak.
  15. Thanks for that. I think I'll keep it as it is for now. Just have to put up with the constant notification about the update. By the way its lovely piece of kit this Nexus S
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