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  1. Hope we see these next month, well some of them anyways :)
  2. I am disappointed with the G1 to be honest. Not what I was expecting and the OS looks crappy
  3. It's a shame that they still haven't got this out of the door as they really need to. Come on Microsoft you've had long enough!
  4. Excellent scoop. I've posted it on Neowin - http://www.neowin.net/news/main/08/09/10/h...device-revealed Got anymore HTC devices mobiman?! lol
  5. What the heck, I thought they were the same device?/
  6. I switched to iPhone as well. I feel a bit dirty about doing it but I can't wait for Microsoft to get their act together and build a decent touch interface. HTC have done so well and I really respect them. Without HTC god knows where Windows Mobile would be right now.
  7. Hmm not good. I have a friend at work that wants to order this with the cashback but he isn't sure because he's never heard of them before. If you can get £80 back and £30 quidco it's still a good bargain though!
  8. Yeah and that's fine for pictures but the dpad won't cater for games. The spore iPhone demo is a good example of how multi touch will be great for gaming alongside an accelerometer - I think they definitely need to build multi touch into Windows Mobile.
  9. Why? The games aspect makes it worth it alone. I am glad they have started using an accelerometer as that's a great idea too, who wants to press something to move the screen around. They're getting there and hopefully with a push from MS it will make Windows Mobile even better
  10. Unfortunately without any synergy in the Windows Mobile OS itself HTC just adding applications and trying to re-org the OS itself isn't helping. Microsoft need to take a serious look at Windows Mobile and get up to speed with the core of the OS so that you can navigate to any area and it functions the same (in terms of UI and interaction) as any other. Don't get me wrong I like Windows Mobile but the UI and OS is lacking and needs a major refresh. Still no multi touch either, come on MS! Jeeze
  11. Can someone please upload the original tsk theme from their device! Thanks.
  12. http://www.tm-phonedownloads.com/sd_vario.html
  13. Once it has 3G/HSDPA and Slingbox app then I will get it hehe. iPhone seriously kicks Windows Mobile's arse now. It seems MS is really failing these days.
  14. Where did you get that idea from that it's a WinMo standard? It doesn't say that on the site and it clearly states it is touchscreen!
  15. If it's allowed can someone upload this somewhere as I have an MDA Touch :D thanks
  16. You sound like the guy who does the expansys unboxings! :D
  17. The build quality is definitely poor compared to that of the TyTN II. It seems like they rushed this phone out to compete properly with the changing market. Maybe if they hadn't rushed it out we might have had GPS/Wifi included.
  18. It wasn't in the products list on the left when I originally posted. Strange stuff
  19. Can't see any mention of it anymore on HTC's European site: http://www.europe.htc.com/en/products/ But it's still on HTC America. Weird?
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