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  1. loving this ROM, given the phone a new lease of life. one issue that is doing the other half's head in though, occasionally the screen flashes randomly, no incoming call, text or any other alert just totally random :wacko: Any ideas?
  2. I've installed this today and its a cracking speedy rom, I have a problem however. My apn setting are all exactly the same as my Experia neo yet MMS will not retrieve, instead I get the web address and pin number to view online. I've tried all i can think of and it just will not work any ideas?
  3. Hi folks, In need of some help regarding the Liquid Metal handset. Its currently on 2.3.5 factory rom and having a few issues. firstly is the loudness of the mic, when calling most people cannot here me, the other is the ringtone volume, on max its only as loud an my other half's xperia neo when its on 4. Question is are any of the custom roms any better in these areas?
  4. If I'm in a call to her the sound will go completely dead my end with not even a crackle, hang up and retry immediately and all is well, happened twice now, once with me and with our daughter
  5. Having a few issues with the other halves blade. Its running a debranded stock rom and during a call on a few occasions her mic seems to stop, she can hear fine but nothing at all from her mic. any clues? cheers
  6. Found that, thanks. anything to worry about artifact wise?
  7. bit of a stupid question, but can I drop this rom on my sd card and install via clockwork?
  8. I've debranded my SF and got it set up with all the apps and so on, I'd like to enable hardware acceleration, I've clockwork recovery sorted and was wondering if I made a backup- explored it on the pc that I could edit it to do this. is this possible? and if so what file needs editing thanks
  9. that could be a winner, I've been using ringdroid and still getting the same issue
  10. good point on tying one of the other inbuilt ones, how can I move a ringtone to the same location as the other ones?
  11. Any clues as to why the ringtone resets to default on SF? seems to happen when the phone is restarted, I've tried using ringdroid so the tones are available in the ringtone menu but still revert to default
  12. the issue was the gsm signal as a whole, most of the time the number was unreachable
  13. I thought ours would have to go back due to signal strength issues, but strangest of things happened, put a silicone case on it off a nokia e71 and the signal seems to be fine, weird to say the least.
  14. no ideas on this? the mrs is calling me a cheapskate for not getting her an iphone
  15. Been having some real issues with the blade dropping signal and having to be hooked up to tmobile manually to get it back, were on virgin and tmobile is the carrier, if the other half puts the phone in her pocket the signal dies and thats that. any tips or ideas anyone can share?
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