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  1. Are you using NAVPHONE too? IS it possible to change the USA flag to SG Flag? I only manage to use the GPS 1 time and from then on i cannot connect
  2. Is it possible to prevent the keyboard from appear when i receive a new sms, because the keyboard prevent me from typing my password on s2u2. THanks
  3. Hi, is it possible to connect the weather on the homepage and the weather tab together becuase when i update i need to update book weather tab and homepage weather. Thanks How to show weather on S2U2. Anyone here using NAVPHONE GPS? Can you help me bacause my GPS don't seems to be able to locate where am i.
  4. Hi, anyone can tell me GTX refreshed or Eclipse is better? Anyone has the cab for the chinezse keyboard in the orignal omnia rom? Or similar chinese keyboard. Thanks for your help
  5. Sorry another question, is it posible to lock specific area like sms or file manager witth password?
  6. Hi, thanks a lot for all your roms, you made my experience with omnia a very different one. I have a question to ask, there is "etiquette pause", when i flip my phone over( i am using nitrogen) the sound stop coming out from the phone however the song is continue playing. Thanks
  7. Hi ock, just want to ask you, when will you stop creating new rom or stop using omnia?I really like ur rom
  8. hi, i need some help, yesterday my phone suddenly turn off by itself after i am back from school. i tried to turn it on, it does not work so i try to reset it, after many times then it on again. Now if i leave my phone on for the night, tomorrow morning it will off by itself and it become hot. I cannot use the on/off button to on nor the reset button. i need to remove the battarries then wait for a while then on it with the on/off button .I am using GTX rom, is there a bug or something wrong with my phone's hardware? Should i reformat or send it to the samsung service center? thanks If i send it to the service center do i have to flash back the original rom?
  9. I can send out/call but just cannot receive sms Also regarding the font problem, i have tried to change the font size with fav hacking it dont work. Regarding the nitrogen, i flip my phone, the phone is mute but the song is stil playing
  10. SERIOUS HELP NEEDED Please help me, i am using GTX rom, some sms that people send me i could not recieve. How to solve this problem?Any kind soul can help me
  11. Anyone can help me, at the home screen. THe word "camera" after i adjust the font size to large,then i try ot adjust back it become "Cam..." -OCK : i have try to change the font size but it doesnt help. Anyone know or i have to reinstall the rom? Anyway isit possible to change the colour of the appointment on the home screen(GTX rom) it is now white, its a bit hard to see. can i change it to black? Last question, when i flip my omnia the music if off however Nitrogen is stil playing the song despite the sound is off, any way to resolve?
  12. I change my meun toolbar font size to large, then i change it back to standard, but it no longer appear to be what i first used. the standard is still bigger. For eg the "camera" it could only show "Cam...". I am using GTX anyone any idea?
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