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  1. Ricardo Silva

    Archos 80 G9 review

    Hi, I've looked at DIXON site and I can't find this tablet, I have you bought online? Thanks
  2. Ricardo Silva

    custom you data partition's size

    How do I confirm that the partition was well done? I only can see in settings - about phone, that I've 893MB internal memory available. Before the internal memory was only 600MB available? Thks
  3. Ricardo Silva

    Ultimate Guide to the Huawei U8800

    For how long? In my phone I press both bottons, then the Ideos logo appear and the image freeze there. To restart I need to remove the battery. What I'm doing wrong? (I follow the rooting and clockworkmod in first post) Regards P.S. I found in XDA that this can be an application problem with portuguese ROM, what can we do?
  4. Hi, New titanium CTHEME has "Some applications of M2D" what is missing?
  5. Hi anyone with GPS problems? Igo and Garmin dont work for me. Thanks
  6. Ricardo Silva

    DXID1 Custom ROM Windows Mobile 6.5

    Good Morning, I'm facing a bluetooth problem with this ROM (Titanium Lite). To connect to my laptop I need to go to the Omnia BT settings and active manualy the device (check box "wireless stereo"), otherwise I get message "connection failed". The biggest problem is to connect to my car BT phone kit, Omnia cannot find the device. (With the HTC3450 the connect is perfect). Thanks!
  7. Hello, I would like to know if the ROM has Touch calendar version, i don't like da santard WM version. Thanks
  8. Ricardo Silva

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Hello, I've installed ROM "SPB Droid ROM 1 DEC 2010" and I've a few questions: - I miss the Calendar from OmniaLite is it possible to install or I need a new ROM? - How to update DOC theme? - and to install a new pack of Icon's? Thanks
  9. Ricardo Silva

    i908 ZUIF2 vs. XBIJ1 JN Foundation ROM's

    Hi I've download twice (link on the first page) the file "i908 ZUIF2 Vs. XBIJ1 WM6.5.X 23563 JN Foundation Neo Titanium Le Diable 250410US" but when I double click, the file crash. If I rename the file (with "2") I'm able to run it, but after soft reset the PDA is not found and I can't install de ROM (I've the Samsung driver's installed. Anyone with the same problem?
  10. Ricardo Silva

    i908 ZUIF2 vs. XBIJ1 JN Foundation ROM's

    Hi Krazy Radd! I've read that, but after installing the ROM I forgot ;) I will try that, sorry....
  11. Ricardo Silva

    i908 ZUIF2 vs. XBIJ1 JN Foundation ROM's

    I've the same problem.. plus what I mention before: wifi connection and weather information on home screen
  12. Ricardo Silva

    i908 ZUIF2 vs. XBIJ1 JN Foundation ROM's

    Hi, The ROM's looks very cool with a lot of nice features... I've notice two things that are not working ok (or I'm missing something....) 1. I can connect to my wifi wlan and I can update the weather tab, but I can't browse the internet, enter facebook, update several applications, etc...) 2. In the weather tab I've deleted the city "Hamburg" and add my city, but in the home screen it appear always "Hamburg"
  13. Hi, I've TMC beta2 working in my Omnia with Igo8, but I believe that is causing a problem with the Garmin XT. The error message is that the GPS is not detected. Anyone else with similar problem? Edit: I've just desactivated advFMR and TMCSerial and Garmin XT is working again. Thanks

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