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  1. TheLostSwede

    2.3 based on CM7 aka swiftdroid project

    Anyone else experiencing power issues? As in the battery is drained from 100% to 80-85% within a minute or so?
  2. TheLostSwede

    2.3 based on CM7 aka swiftdroid project

    It seems to be mostly ok, if not perfect. It's definitely usable and runs smooth enough and hopefully we'll see a fully working version soon enough. I'd say the battery issue isn't 100% fixed though, but I have only just installed 1.5 so we'll see how it goes. However, considering my phone just charged from 80 to 95% in like 5 seconds, I'd say some more work is still needed.
  3. TheLostSwede

    Android 2.1 updated but contacts missing?

    The contacts are normally synced with Gmail, have you connected to Gmail after you upgraded the firmware? That should sort it, unless you don't use Gmail...
  4. TheLostSwede

    Recommended partition size for Apps2SD?

    Yeah, it doesn't seem like you can go much over 994MB, I had major stability issues when I did...
  5. TheLostSwede

    LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    Yes, re-install App2SD
  6. TheLostSwede

    LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    The new European firmware seems to be a bit better than the Baltic one in terms of stability, it might just be me though :)
  7. TheLostSwede

    LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    You most likely have the LG PC Suite running, that tends to prevent it from working
  8. TheLostSwede

    LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    Not had to do that with any other firmware I've installed, nor have I ever had this problem before and this must be about the 30th firmware upgrade I've done on this phone so far. But I guess it's worth a try, but not right now.
  9. TheLostSwede

    LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    The Greek firmware is a no go for me, I get an error with com.android.phone and it keeps crashing out every 5-10 seconds which makes the phone useless. Shame, as otherwise it looks like the best firmware to date.
  10. TheLostSwede

    LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    None of the other baltic links work and the one that we had from before appears to have the same firmware as before as well, so we'll just have to wait and see if something else crops up.
  11. TheLostSwede

    Android 2.1 Update From LG

    Gah... not another one... Find Windows Enabler in the KDZ updater directory, run it, click on the Windows Enabler icon so it says ON, start KDZ updater and you can click on everything, despite it being greyed out.
  12. TheLostSwede

    2.1 Bouygues ROM word of warning

    How did you manage to delete it? As I couldn't find any way to delete it. I also tried replacing the /bootimages directory which holds the startup animation from what I've gathered, but the Bouygues one was restored over it at reboot.
  13. TheLostSwede

    How to change the app shortcuts on LG Home

    Well, if you've installed a different messaging app that doesn't help if you press the messaging icon at the bottom of the screen, as it'll still open the default app. By replacing the default messaging app altogether you won't have that problem. And some people might just want something else readily accessible at all times rather than the dialler or the messaging app...
  14. TheLostSwede

    2.1 Bouygues ROM word of warning

    A whole bunch of network specific stuff that only works if you're connected to their network, plus some other stuff like a TV guide in French and some browsers for some various French websites. Nothing really worth having. I gave up in the end and went back to the Baltic firmware, as there are too many things you can't rip out as they're somehow hard coded, like the APN for example. Some of the pre-installed apps kept re-appearing after a couple of reboots as well which was frustrating if nothing else. The only reason I'd say to go for this over the Baltic one would be if you're desperate to get European languages outside of English.
  15. If you for whatever reason want to change the two default apps (phone and messaging) when using LG Home, then open the apps window and you can drag and drop any app you want onto the left or right hand side of the screen and they'll replace the default apps. It's a neat solution if you want to change the default messaging app for example.

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