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  1. As the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't." The Chinese have unfortunately little to no ability to come up with an original product. Why come up with an original idea when you can rip off some other company's ideas. It's unfortunate as well that a lot of cheap Chinese junk has clogged up sites like eBay. Buyer beware if it's made in China.
  2. MCR r22 is working great so far. I did have one hiccup though. I noticed that Flash content wasn't loading, so I went to Settings > Applications and found at for some strange reason that Flash was listed as being 54KB in size. I knew that wasn't right, and since I couldn't uninstalled Flash through Settings, I found a Flash APK on the web and installed it (as an "upgrade"). After installing that, the Market then prompted me to update Flash to the most recent version. Definitely strange though. Application size was listed as just 54KB. Other than that (a small glitch really), I say top notch work P. Fantastic as always. Much obliged!
  3. You're not alone. The thing that baffles me is that the Nexus One costs US$529, but you have people that can't afford the data plan so they cry over getting the FM radio working. Why shell out the cash for such a data-hogging device when you don't want to use data? If you need an FM radio, they're relatively cheap at your local Walmart or Radio Shack. And you won't need to spend a huge chunk of money for a Nexus One. If you're going to spend big for a phone, you might spend a little to use it like it's supposed to be used. Smartphone = data hungry. Feed your phone's hunger for data.
  4. The Nexus One is now listed for sale to Android developers. The price is $529.00 and the model for sale is the T-Mobile US version. All you have to do is signup and pay the US$25.00 registration fee. [From Android Central]
  5. Flashed v3.0. Like the Desire icons. Still no HTC LWP. No biggy. Flashed it separately.
  6. Thanks for the stock power widget. By the way, I noticed that with v2.0 that you added the HTC Sense LWP. After flashing yesterday (the version with the transparent power widget), I noticed that the HTC LWP was in the list of LWP, but required a FC. I had to separately flash the HTC LWP. Is this normal? Should the HTC LWP already be in your theme or do I need to flash it separately (like I did)?
  7. My power control widget is now barely visible, except for the blue accent color indicating whether a function is enabled or not. Any way to get the color back instead of the transparent look? Liked it better when the power control widget was actually visible.
  8. It used to be available as a standalone download, but it no longer is. I'm pretty sure it's only available in pre-baked in ROMs, or in the case of MoDaCo, also as a kitchen option.
  9. +5 :angry: On another note, I haven't been around the Desire ROM for Nexus One wing for a while, and WHOA!!!! What's up with the angry dude?!?! Ease up tiger. If you're not happy with your US$15 spent (10 quid), then I suggest crying about it somewhere else because you're not going to find any sympathy here. P's a badass that happens to kick out some badass stuff for our beloved Nexus One. He also happens to be a busy guy. I'm sensing (okay, maybe a little pun there) that P's working on a Froyo/Sense build for r23. That's likely the reason why there's been a bit of time between the release of r22.1 and r23. If my memory serves me correctly, the whole Iceland volcano ordeal threw this very forum into a bit of a frenzy because of jackasses like the one referenced above. Good things are worth the wait. I'm guessing the Froyo/Sense builds are going to be sweet. While I am using MCR r19 right now, I wouldn't be totally opposed to coming back to HTC Sense. Then again, MCR r19 Froyo runs pretty damn smooth on my Nexus One. Oh well. What's a flasher to do?
  10. If it's in the ROM (baked, or if you're using a pre-bake), then I'm pretty sure it's in there for good. I could be wrong as there might be some way to remove the script, but as far as I know, it's there. You could use a pre-bake without the MoDaCo additions or bake a ROM without it. Since you're Ad Free, just bake a ROM without it and re-flash.
  11. As far as I know, there are no settings for trackball wake. If you have it baked into your ROM, it's just there. Let your screen turn off (after however minutes your screen timeout is set at) and then press the trackball to wake (just like the power button).
  12. As per your description, you didn't wipe before flashing r21. In my experience, most issues get fixed after you wipe. Trying wiping and reflash r21. Confused about the following though: How did you wipe 2 times and install applications afterwards?
  13. Under "Partition sdcard" in Amon's recovery image, there's an option for "SD:ext2 to ext3". After your initial formatting of your microSD card, you will need to use the aforementioned option to upgrade the ext2 partition to ext3. Easy as pie/cake/whatever pastry you like. I baked my ROM with A2SD+ checked, and after formatting the microSD to ext3, everything works great. I'm using Amon's v1.7.0.
  14. I'm not going to be quick and just shoot down the possibility of a Galaxy S to Nexus One port, but I think it's definitely going to be a niche group of people that would want the Samsung incarnation of Android. I'm guessing HTC-to-HTC ports are easier, but the again, I'm not a developer. What's enticing about the Galaxy S UI? Haven't messed around with it yet. I've used non-touchscreen Samsung phones in the past and hated their OS/UI experience. Maybe they've improved. Who knows? Anyone here use the Galaxy S yet?
  15. So far, I'm enjoying all of the goodness that Froyo has to offer, and obviously, and round of applause for P for all the hard work. It's cool discovering all of the little things Froyo and the fantastical Nexus One can achieve together. Anywho, I came across a blog posting on Android And Me. The posting, as per the title of this topic, is "Google Chrome to Phone: Most overlooked Froyo feature". The posting details a neat little Google Chrome extension (Mozilla Firefox Extension is also available) that allows you to send whatever webpage you're looking at on your desktop/laptop to your trusty Nexus One. All you need to do is install the extension, install the APK (details in the blog posting), register your computer and phone with the same Google account, and shazam! I tried it out viewing the MoDaCo Nexus One main page. Works like a charm. It apparently can send both http:// and https:// pages. I can definitely see myself using it often as I'm a news junkie. And some (read: Apple fanboys) say the Nexus One is out-of-date. For more, click here for the posting (from Android And Me).
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