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  1. Yep, I can confirm replacing the Mms.apk from the 1.2.4 ROM with one extracted from the 1.2.1 ROM works. Much thanks, cjsabaki!
  2. I haven't gotten that far yet, but this maybe: -edit- Hmm... not sure what the Root Explorer method of installing an .APK is, but installing it via FlashTool doesn't work.
  3. Can some please link me to a working Google Talk .apk and how to install it? There don't seem to be any answers to the questions about this in this thread, and the .apk's I'm finding elsewhere aren't working. Trip, could you please include Talk in your next release. Otherwise 1.2.1 is working nicely.
  4. saltorio

    Dump my X10 2.1 bin ?

    Hey Khisha, why not provide him with an answer to his question instead of just bitching at him? As much as I'd like to see proof, I'd rather not waste the time when we could instead get a firmware dump of Eclair for the X10 into the hands of the devs.
  5. saltorio

    Mobile Signal Widget?

    Yeah, that's BS. Couldn't even bother to reskin it! Would love to have the option to disable the background colour on the widget though (as the ripoff version has done). Still wanting a notification bar icon version, so I can see the signal level no matter what app I'm in. I look forward to your market release. I recommend using a different name than "Signal Strength Widget", as that's now taken and you don't want people to get confused. I'd just call it "Signal Strength", or something like that.
  6. saltorio

    Mobile Signal Widget?

    Loconinja - Is this your app: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/marke...Strength-Widget I ask because the name is the same and the icon is quite similar. Just wondering if you've finally posted it to the Market.
  7. saltorio

    Mobile Signal Widget?

    Wonderful widget. Works beautifully on my rooted X10 running ADW.Launcher in a 5-row layout. You need to get this on the market. There's a distinct lack of signal strength reporting apps. Which reminds me: could you make such an app that displays the DBM numerically in as a notification icon?
  8. Just posting to show my support for a X10 root. Paul, we're rooting (no pun intended) for you!
  9. saltorio

    No multi-touch in hardware on X10?

    Mind giving us more info? There's nothing on that linked post about Dolphin or multi-touch.
  10. saltorio

    Bootloader / Recovery ?

    Might also want to check the following thread on XDA: Let the root begin! Root Bounty currently 150$
  11. saltorio

    No multi-touch in hardware on X10?

    Sorry, but based on SE's comments on the lack of hardware MT support, it looks like they went with the Synaptics Clearpad 1000 digitizer. This digitizer - according to Synaptics own docs - only supports single-touch. Synaptics Clearpad As such, there is no possibility of dual-touch (Clearpad 2000) or multi-touch (Clearpad 3000) capabilities in the hardware. Since I highly doubt SE would've made the oh-so-damaging comment that the X10 doesn't support any kind of multi-finger input if there was a chance they could work around that limitation, I have to believe that no amount of software tweaking is going to make it happen. Contrary to the belief that some people I've seen seem to hold, capacitive touch screens are not by definition MT-capable. Even the HTC G1 used the Clearpad 2000 digitizer, though it took some tweaking before the software could take advantage of it. Sorry.
  12. saltorio

    No multi-touch in hardware on X10?

    ^ According to the specs I'm seeing on the web (http://www.product-reviews.net/review/20100216/huawei-u8220 , http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_u8220-3144.php), the Huawei U8220 has a multi-touch capable screen. So the OS it's running may not be MT compatible but at least the hardware is. Based on what SE has stated, the Xperia X10 hardware is not MT capable, so I'd be very surprised if there was any way to hack the software to make the device MT-aware.
  13. saltorio

    No multi-touch in hardware on X10?

    Just keep your eye on XDA's X10 forum to see how progress goes: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=614
  14. saltorio

    No multi-touch in hardware on X10?

    Actually, there's alot of question regarding whether or not the X10 has hardware dual-touch support (no android phone has hardware multi-touch support yet). Sony stated on their Dev blog months back that the X10 didn't have multi-touch (used as a generic term) with 1.6 when it shipped, but would when it upgraded to 2.1. There have also been comments from review sites stating that they have gotten Dolphin running with pinch-zoom on X10s. The whole matter is muddy and confused. You can join the calls for clarity here: http://blogs.sonyericsson.com/products/201...arted/#comments Or get more of a summary over at XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=653536

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