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  1. Alta1r

    MILESTONE 2.1 update and root guide

    Thanks for the guide. Everything works well.
  2. Alta1r

    I need serius help...

    To increase the ssensitivity of the screen: HKLM\Drivers\Touchpanel "PressureThreshold" Increasing the value will require less pressure you need to put on the screen. You can double it every time until you reach the desired sensitivity. Mine is set at about 39000, but you can go way beyond that.
  3. Alta1r

    I need serius help...

    Or you could try to change the Value Data into > 500,500 165,875 165,125 835, 125 835,875 This one seems to work better for me then the one in previous post, which i've been using for quite some time as well. But when typing a text or selecting some small things i felt like i always had to hit the keys a bit below from where i actually thought it was because i always ended up selecting the keys/lines above. Could get frustrating at times, especially when in a hurry.
  4. You can also try to reduce the pressure you need to apply on your screen when using your phone: HKLM\Drivers\Touchpanel "PressureThreshold" Mine was originally set at 400, but I changed it to 38372. Pretty sensitive now. Increasing the value will require less pressure. I think you should definitely notice the difference.
  5. Hey Nicklas. Good work on the rom, it's running pretty fast. One question though, I changed the theme but can't get back to the original one (as in the first post). Am i missing something? Thanks.
  6. I love the new agenda. Thank you guys, nice work.

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