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  1. oh forgot about the dedicated open apps button... if it's possible to shift places, open apps could be at the edges, but i was wondering about the main buttons if they can be rearranged
  2. can i rearrange the keys as i please? i dont want to bother, but i would like em to be as my Nexus One, Back-Menu-Home-Search
  3. emmm thats a small command to be added as an alias, but cant recall it... will search a bit and get back to you... its because dos cannot recognize the colors there... edit* run this in the shell
  4. hmmm does iphone still have only one key for all phone functions except volume? point i freaking hate iphones... i have one running android and i still hate it :)
  5. ok wont buy a desire... :rolleyes: ordering my N1 now from expansys!! anyone that used em both has something to say about comparance?
  6. underclocking the kernel for some reason (i always overclock) isnt actually that benefitial to battery life! sorry for beeing a smart ass but reducing the voltage actually forcess the antenna to work harder so it consumes more battery. this causes less battery hours. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=672144
  7. Hmmm ok... anyone knows if this only for Orange? If i can find it unlocked, WHERE?! :)
  8. well since htc is saying that incredible's kernel and desire's are basicly the same i mean why not cooking the inicredible's kernel in a desire's rom?
  9. well you can but i think there is a problem with the Bands. Smthing with the high speed internet connections
  10. been there done that. EXTREMELY laggy :P i now have windows 95/3.1 on the iphone :D (its not worth having it as a phone so anything else is nice) heh
  11. there are even widgets in android that you just click on them once and data connection is gone :P
  12. hmmm pretty nice actually!! :P works great on my HTC Hero (2.1) love it! great work 5*
  13. haha got this problem also! one of my passwords contained ` and i had to change it to ! :P i think its generally a problem with this keyboard cause i had exactly the same thing on winmo!! well at least in winmo i could change to classic keyboard that included this all the chars.
  14. well anyone brave and knowledgeable enough to compile and flash incredible's kernel?
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