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  1. if you look on the verizon or samsung site you should find it.
  2. i tried it on an i910 and it didnt have enough horsepower and hung half way. but if you have courage?
  3. is the new swype in 8.7 and if not is there a cab?
  4. mr. ninja the battery bars all of a sudden became digital time on 8.0. just flashed to 8.5 from xda and its still a clock. is there a setting i can turn it back to a battery? thanks.
  5. i believe in the pinned topics if you go to tachanns postings there is a reference to this.
  6. the nerds has the 32gb card for 77 dollars.
  7. on the 8.2 version of the ninja rom from xda - on the swype keyboard is the @ still on the symbol page or is it on the ABC page or is it on both? thanks.
  8. the batteries are different. the i8000 is the same battery as the i910. i920 is bigger.
  9. mr. ninja - is there any place i can access the regular 7.5 rom with the regular swype keyboard? the xda one is missing the @ key on the front page and it makes me crazy having to switch pages. i tried an old cab and it did not work. thanks very much. nice job again.
  10. get spb backup and you can restore your phone after hard reset in about five minutes. great software.

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