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  1. Hi Gary. Just letting you know after 3 days of use the rom is great, no problems for me yet. Thanks, Matt.
  2. Ah, I see said the blind man. Thanks for clarifying that Gary, I was confused... Will flash her up now and let you know if I find and problems. Cheers again Gary, Matt.
  3. Hi Gary. Just wondering what the difference is between the JH2 you posted a few days ago and the one posted yesterday? I assume it's the same rom, just cleaned up/changed a bit? Cheers, Matt.
  4. Hi Gary. I have an few ideas, no pressure. How viable is it to do 3 releases per rom and is it much more work for yourself?? One with standard Titanium, one with GChris's Titanium and one with Samsung Today? I know it sounds a bit radical but from an end users point of view it would be awesome to have a choice like that! I have no idea how hard it is to change the UI whilst cooking so I don't know if this a stupid idea or not? I also understand that GChris's can be installed after the rom but it is nice to have your UI ready to go straight after flashing, one less thing to install... Or even more radical an option during installation of the rom asking the user which of the 3 UI's they want installed, dunno how hard this is or if it is even possible? As I said mate, just ideas, nothing more... Whatever you cook I can work around and thoroughly enjoy using. Thanks for listening Gary, Matt.
  5. I must say I prefer the GChris over standard. :angry: Samsung Today is good too. Your roms are great regardless, thanks. Matt.
  6. I actually only got back 4 weeks ago from the US. Spent a month there for a mates wedding in San Diego. Did LA, NY, Falls, Vegas (Bachelor party) , Canyon, San Diego (Wedding) then home! Weather was nice then, 80's everyday. Trust me, you don't want to be here now in Melbourne. 55's average and lots of rain, it sucks, I wanna come back to So Cal. Go Padres! Matt.
  7. Hey Lancez. Congratulations on your first published roms. I had a sneaking suspicion you would start cooking one day, you have many friends and much knowledge at your disposal on here. As others have said IF I could get some free time I would like to have a crack at cookin' myself, I am slightly envious...:angry: Anyway, keep enjoying what what your doing and when you don't enjoy it anymore you can stop. :D Watching, Matt.
  8. I have had the opposite! My BT Car-Kit paired with Samsung settings and quicker than previous roms. Not once in 3 days have I needed to remove the battery either. I only have 3 programs installed, Resco Explorer, SPB Backup and O2 Compass (plus a few tweak cabs of my own). So far so good for me, maybe one of your programs is causing a problem on this rom??, dunno, just guessing. Hope you sort it out mate. Matt.
  9. Hi again. I have a question for whomever can help me, related to the Today page. How can I change the pink/blue "Text Messages" icon to open the Samsung Messaging exe instead of the Windows Text exe? If anybody can help me with this it would be great. Everything else is fantastic so far. Cheers, Matt.
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