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  1. I wonder if they will release the camera app as an add-on? It would seem pretty strange if they didn't.
  2. Hi, I have a Vodafone Galaxy S running the official version of 2.2.1 from Kies which I bought to replace a ZTE Blade. On the Blade I used the Japanese Jellyfish rom which came with Launcher Pro which I absolutely loved, but on the Samsung I find that Launcher Pro (installed from the Market) crashes several times a day, mainly when I try to open the app tray. The phone vibrates and seems to hang for a second, then when it comes back the tray opens but it is usually empty. I can get the app tray to work by clearing the defaults from the Launcher Pro settings, then pressing the home key and resetting Launcher Pro as the default but I hate having to do this so much that I have gone back to the (awful) standard launcher provided by Samsung. Can anyone give me any guidance as why this might be happening and how I can get Launcher Pro working properly again? Thanks, Xerxes
  3. Why do so many people feel the need to compare phone cameras with DSLR's? The two are entirely different and serve different purposes. When I expect to want/need to take the best possible pictures I carry a DSLR. When I think it likely that I might want to take pictures to keep but the DSLR would be too bulky/heavy I take a bridge camera. But the rest of the time (about 80% of the time) I don't have a dedicated camera in my pocket so I will use the camera on my phone if, for example, my kids decide to do something interesting or funny while we are at the park. I know and understand that the pictures from my phone wont compare with those from my compact camera, let alone with those from the DSLR, but that doesn't prevent me from wanting the best phone camera possible. I used a Nokia N95 for about 2 years then had to switch to an iPhone because of my work. I found that the number of casual pictures I took of my family, pets, friends etc declined massively. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the number has gone back up a little because the picture quality is a bit better than the iphone. (I still don't use it as often as the N95 though, mainly because it's so much slower to get the camera app up. I really wish phone manufacturers would go back to using side mounted buttons to launch the camera and capture the shots.) So to all those enthusiasts out there who keep shouting that the quality of the camera on a phone is irrelevant because it can never beat a dedicated camera please understand that we know that but we still want the best camera phones possible.
  4. Just go to a 3 store and get any wifi based mobile broadband on pay as you go. Any of them would work as the only connection is via wifi. I got one for about £50 a few months ago with 3Gb of data bundled in. 3's data charges are currently the lowest in the UK and the coverage is pretty good in most major areas.
  5. No it doesn't. Your contract will continue after your lock in period expires. According to their statement you should keep the 3Gb fup cap until you cancel your contract or upgrade. Your problem comes when you want a new handset. Then you will have to accept the lower cap, change providers or buy an unlocked handset for use with your existing contract.
  6. Thanks Arr Too, I just used your unlock program and it worked perfectly.
  7. I am not a current Modaco Plus subscriber so this might be out of date, but there used to be section of the forum accessible only to Plus members which contained all the information on where to get the software and licence keys. Have you had a look there?
  8. I've taken a couple of indoor shots with a Desire and they always seem very grainy, even with the flash turned on. This was also true of the N95 but not nearly so much. I am only looking for something that will take good impromptu snaps - not a DSLR replacement - but I do need it to be reasonably fast to focus, capture, store the image, and be ready to focus again. About 80% of the pics I take are of my kids and they never stay still! Most of the rest of the snaps would be of friends, usually indoors. I did take a long look at the SE X10 but I am put off by SE's statement that the X10 will never get 2.2. I'm also not overly impressed by the idea of having only a video light instead of a flash.
  9. Can anyone tell me which Android phone has the best camera? I don't mean the one with the most mega pixels, I mean the one that takes the best pictures. I used to use a Nokia N95 before getting my iPhone and I am missing having a camera of that quality when I am out with my kids.
  10. Thanks Gents (or possibly Ladies or Lady and Gent I suppose). That's what I was hoping to hear.
  11. Hey Paul, It's fantastic of you to include us ex-plus members in the compo! Xerxes
  12. Isn't anyone running a GPS app on their Milestone? I just need to know that there is a decently featured piece of software available and the GPS can hold the signal properly before I buy into the platform.
  13. Do you find that the Milestone can hold the gps signal whilst driving in town? And when it loses the lock does it get it back quickly? I am using Copilot on my 3GS and it frequently loses the gps lock. Whenever that happens the screen freezes and it can take anything up to 10 mind to figure out where it is again - by which time I am completely lost of course! I have been thinking of moving to Android anyway as the iPhone is a bit restrictive but I need to make sure the next device I drop 500 quid on can work properly as a sat nav. Thanks. Xerxes
  14. I am currently using an iPhone 3GS (great web browser, great media terminal, ok gamer, poor at most other things, very poor phone, downright dangerous as a sat nav) on which Copilot lags terribly and coninuously drops the gps connection, sometimes for several minutes at a time. Is anyone using their Milestone for car navigation? If so what software do you use and is the exerperience any good?
  15. please ignore - accidental double post
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