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  1. Hi I just got myself a Smart Amazing Phone from someone via a trade. However, I do not have the receipt because the person I bought it from lost it. I called up Brightpoint and they won't accept the phoe unless I provide a copy of the receipt... even though the SMART logo is on the unit. I even told them that the phone must be covered by the warranty period because the Smart Amazing Phone was just launched this year - 2003. Can somebody please help me? Thanks
  2. hi i wish i could attend the meeting/forum but unfortunately, i will be going out-of-town this weekend... I hope SMART would do something to bring/import full replacement casings for the Smart Amazing phone -- front, side, and back covers and the screen to get rid of those scratches... Oh and the accessories - extra batteries, headset, travel charger, cables, etc. Thanks.
  3. hi where can i buy the cheapest 128/256 mb SD or 128mb MMC in Metro Manila? Preferably with warranty. I'm going to use it for my SPVx and Palm Tungsten|C. thanks.
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