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  1. Merry Christmas from PinoyWindowsMobile!!! Maraming d pumunta sa inyo sa Wifi tour natin kaya naguwi nalang ako ng prize na SD card reader =)
  2. Hope to see you all. Pero ok lang kahit kaunti lang sa inyo ang pumunta para mas malaki chance ko manalo ng mga prizes... hehe Once again... its the Airborneaccess m|ph Wi-Fi tour for Pinoy Windows Mobile, Mapalad & PinoyMac, 2-6 PM at Tequila Joe's El Publo... You have to be a member of Pinoy Windows Mobile, Mapalad or PinoyMac to attend... To be a member of Pinoy Windows Mobile, you have to be at least Pinoy and be an owner, developer or enthusiast of Windows Mobile devices such as Pocket PC or Smartphone :wink: for details you can contact me at 0920 921-8461
  3. sa mga pupunta... you can call me at +63 920 921 8461 dami cuties here... hehe
  4. Ill know later from carlo... hes in a meeting now with Microsoft about this and he will ransack and pillage their marketing giveaways cabinet.. hehe joke... probably shirts, jackets, office supplies
  5. Hi, Pinoypocketpc & Pinoysmartphone will have a booth at this coming technology fair at the Ateneo in QC. It will be held from Dec 3 - 5. We would need your help again to show off pocket pcs and smartphones and any other interesting tricks that you can do... hehe. Guys, really need your help on this as we were given a big area in the fair grounds and this may be a good venue to push for Windows Mobile devices. Microsoft may give some free stuff for volunteers(kinakausap palang namin). Please let me know kung sino pwede. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at 09209218461 Thanks =)
  6. juz had another day w the 02... wow... ganda talaga *hik*
  7. Thanks to everyone who helped us out! Your help really meant a lot to us. Im still wiping the drool off my face from looking at... the O2 XDA II :twisted: grabe, ang payat talaga... ang ganda ng body... cute interFACE ng XDA II
  8. By invitation ba yung Cyberpress forum? Ano topics and speakers nila?
  9. We need people to help out with the booth by showing off what your smartphones can do. Parang Show & tell lang to impress the guests and para marealize nila how powerful the phone is, especially if ur a microsoft office user lalo na kung outlook/exchange user ka. Suggestion lang na if u wanna join the raffle, register kayo sa launch sa website ng microsoft sa microsoft.com/philippines
  10. San makikita ang mga eb pics? Ive already interviewed pzee via email. yung iba, sa next issue nalang. Magiging regular daw ata yung pinoysmartphone sa magazine. I just passed by smart yesterday. Theyre still testing the unit sa network daw. Hay ang tagal naman nila. Wala pa rin akong balita about the other opeator kung kailan nila ilalabas ang Mitac. La na akong narining sa kanila.
  11. Anong email mo para masend ko sayo questions? Everyone else, I want to know kung ano masasabi nyo abt pzee kung bakit nyo sya napili?
  12. Hi, Tulong naman... I need someone to include sa Mobile Philippines Magazine's feature on Pinoy Smartphone Featured Member! Sino Pinaka sikat dito na pwede ifeature? :wink: Dna pwede si Ppcsurfr, Dinoalbert, at Grifter kse officers na sila ng Pinoysmartphone.
  13. Definitly, lets keep in touch so we can explore the possible opportunities. I hope you dont mind if i would add you as an MSN contact. Oh, i forgot to mention that your MoDaCo mod and fellow MS MVP, Carlo Guerrero, is the Founder and President of Pinoy Pocket PC and Pinoy Smartphone :lol:
  14. A Smart exec mentioned to me that they intend to offer it for free but its not yet final.
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