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  1. cerij

    FIX: Peep on Hero with Vodafone

    I tried this, works fine up until you chmod /data/sqlite3, which works but the subsequent statement results in sqlite3 not being found within /data.
  2. cerij

    Rate Hero?

    ROM upgraded.. will see how it goes. Will try and post a vid if I get chance of real world usage.
  3. cerij

    Rate Hero?

    Didn't fancy losing my messages, favourite contacts, Facebook links etc! Suppose I will have to bite the bullet.
  4. cerij

    Rate Hero?

    Mine is very slow. I frequently get no response from the touch screen for about 10 seconds by which time I have pressed it twice and activated something on the next menu! The other day it wouldn't let me make a call, it would not respond to anything in the dialler apart from letting me press numbers. And I get "Application TouchFLO has stopped responding" every single day. I have 3/4 apps installed and a standard ROM.
  5. cerij

    Grrrr...How do I forward messages

    Press and hold an individual message in a conversation and click Forward.
  6. cerij

    FIX: Peep on Hero with Vodafone

    OK, I've downloaded and extracted the ZIP file for a device without root. I've extracted the ZIP file to a folder on my Vista PC. I've then opened a command line using Start, Run, "cmd" I've navigated to the "Vodapeep" folder that I extracted earlier. I've typed "adb push sqlite3 /data" I get failed to copy 'sqlite3' to '/data/sqlite3': Permission denied Any ideas :)
  7. cerij

    FIX: Peep on Hero with Vodafone

    Sorry to be dim, but, how do I do this? On the host PC or on the device itself? :) Sorry, ignore that!
  8. cerij

    Monolithix Reviews... The Samsung i620

    Wouldn't mind that homescreen on my i600 if that's possible - anyone able to post it?
  9. cerij

    Touch Dual Annoyances

    Agreed, as I said earlier... 4. If slide up answers a call, should slide down not end the call?
  10. cerij

    Touch Dual Annoyances

    They are annoying. Well, they annoyed me and that's all that counts.
  11. I cannot help but agree - I had high hopes for this device after reading this thread - but it just didn't live up to them. OK, it's nice to look at, and it has some flashy features, but as far as the basics of sending and receiving messages and making calls go, it's no better than my old Qtek 8500! Now there's a device that deserves a successor...
  12. cerij

    Touch Dual Annoyances

    Nope - only way is to use the soft keypad - action key exits the document!
  13. cerij

    Touch Dual Annoyances

    Well mine is now for sale - see http://www.modaco.com/content/eBay-Auction...Orange-12-key-/ Will perhaps wait for the i780 now although the pointy mouse affair doesn't look too easy to use...
  14. cerij

    Touch Dual Annoyances

    Also, could someone please tell me: 1. Why does it INSIST on typing a "c" when I need an "a" in XT9 mode, and 2. How do you insert a hard return in a Word Mobile or Notes document? (12-key version) :(

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