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    Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    I'm not so sure. Yes, we're past the "half-way point" of the G300's cycle, however, there's a big difference between announcing a new phone, and that same device actually being available to buy. This is especially true with these Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE. Look how long it took between announcing devices such as the Ascend P1/S & the ZTE Grand X and then actually being available. Even if Huawei announced a bunch of "successors" to the G300/G330 phones today, it'd *still* be 6-12 months before we could get our hands on them!
  2. billybiro

    Thoughts on the G330

    I thought the G600 will be about £100 more? Approx. £150 for G330 - £250 for G600.
  3. I'm guessing the price will actually be much higher than that. 449 euro is currently about £359 GBP. The Ascend P1 is currently on sale in the UK (and has only really been available for a few months) for £369 so the Ascend D1 being quad-core over the Ascend P1's dual-core has simply got to cost a lot more.
  4. billybiro

    ZTE announce the Grand X, priced at £189.99 prepay

    I must admit that I, too, am slightly disappointed by the ZTE Grand X specs vs price. GSMArena had this handset listed with an 8MP rear camera (back when it was still know as the ZTE Mimosa), however, we now see the camera is only 5MP, also the small RAM size isn't brilliant. If this phone had either just slightly better specs for the current £190 price, or these same specs. but with a price-tag of £150 or lower, I'd jump at it and get one straight away. As it stands, though, I feel a little underwhelmed. After such a phenomenal start with their ZTE Blade/Orange San Fran device, let's see how much disappointment ZTE can muster when they (finallly) release the ZTE Era.
  5. I completely agree. I've been watching & waiting for the price to be announced for the Ascend P1 device, thinking that I'd buy one immediately if the price was right. I was hoping the price would be around the £250 region, in which case, I'd have bought one as soon as I could. As you quite rightly say, for less than the (proposed) price of the Ascend P1, you can get something either the same spec-wise but with a better brand/community (i.e. Samsing Galaxy S2) or even something with better specs. Let's hope Huawei realise their error and correct it before the Ascend P1 becomes a non-starter for a phone.
  6. Thanks for your reply, Scuzzbucket. I do see where you're coming from in postulating on Huawei's rationalisation for setting the price, and them perhaps desiring to be seen as a more "up-market" brand, rather than the cheap-and-cheerful they've been so far. That said, however, they are competing with other brands (noticeably the Ascend P1 seems to directly compete against Samsung's Galaxy S2) and these other brands already have the recognition and brand "kudos". Seeing as Huawei currently don't have that, they need to do something to both differentiate themselves and provide consumers with the motivation to select a Huawei product over (say) a Samsung one. I'd have thought that the best way to do that would be to slightly undercut the Samsung current market price, not go slightly over it (thereby removing all motivation to select the Huawei!) Ultimately, if they stick with this current approach, I think you're right about the awful sales, and they'll then be forced to deeply discount the phone in order to generate more sales. I think this is the wrong approach for Huawei as they'll be forced to discount to a price point far lower than if they'd just released the phone at a slightly-cheaper-than-S2 price in the first place!
  7. I, too, am looking for a "upgrade" for my phone. Not from a G300, but from a ZTE Blade. I'm waiting to see how some of the new dual and quad core devices from more "budget" manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei will fare once released (seems to be taking forever, though!) I was following the Huawei Ascend P1 for quite some time since it was first announced back in Feb this year. It seemed to be a Samsung Galaxy S2-specced phone and was hoping it would be a lot cheaper than a Samsung - being manufactured by lesser-known Huawei. Well, they've just released European/UK prices for the Ascend P1 and it's more expensive than a Galaxy S2! I've written a post about this in the Ascend P1 forum, so please head there to read it: http://www.modaco.co...-too-expensive/
  8. So, it seems that Huawei have finally revealed the European/UK price for the Huawei Ascend P1 (note, just the P1, not the P1 S). http://www.techradar...evealed-1085056 Seems it'll retail for around €450 or around £365. Expansys UK have also updated their page to reflect this aproximate price, too: http://www.expansys....cend-p1-228060/ (Screen capture Image link in case price changes: http://i.imgur.com/0Iua2.png) I think this is far too expensive for a Huawei-branded phone, and especially one which is only effectively a mid-range phone by today's standards. For example, I think the Huawei Ascend P1 is comparable (tech spec-wise) to last years flag-ship Samsung phone, the Galaxy S2. According to play.com, the Galaxy S2 can now be purchased (sim-free, unlocked and brand new) for even cheaper than the Huawei Ascend P1!! (See: http://www.play.com/.../-/Product.html Image link: http://i.imgur.com/FZH56.png) I think that Samsung has by far the better brand recognition and respect (not to mention a far bigger community around the device), so how come Huawei thinks it can sell it's "variation-on-a-Galaxy S2" phone for even more? Personally, if I'm going to blow £350 on a phone and was considering between these two, I think I'd pick the Samsung Galaxy S2 every time. Am I missing something here?
  9. billybiro

    CM7 Interest?

    Absolutely, positively, Yes. I'm running CM7 on my Orange San Francisco and it's so stable and feature-packed that it's given my old SanFran a completely new lease of life. The CM7 ROM really is *that* good. I don't own a G300, but am considering getting one. If there was a stable CM7 ROM for it, I'd get one in a heartbeat!
  10. Any updates / progress reports for anyone working towards a free unlocking solution for the G300? Is it possible? Will it ever be possible? Will it be as easy as the Orange San Fran unlock was (complete with a simple Android App to do the unlock for you!) ? Or will be it be a convoluted, jump-through-hoops unlock like the original Orange Monte Carlo was? Will we ever know the answers to these deep questions of life, the universe and phone unlocking? :)
  11. billybiro

    Social Jogger

    I know, but I was also involved in this thread too, so just wanted to say thanks. Hope that's alright! ;)
  12. A free unlock when he can legitimately charge £20 for one? If what you say is true, I want this guy's name and the address of the shop he works in. I'll take in my old San Fran and see if he'll do a "free" upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S2 !!?!!?! :D :lol:
  13. billybiro

    Social Jogger

    Although I no longer use Social Jogger personally, I just want to say thanks for coming back to this old thread with an update! :D
  14. billybiro

    G300 Vs iPhone 4. What would win?

    I'd like to see a comparison between: Huawei G300 vs. Orange San Francisco vs. Acer Liquid Metal. Thank you.

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