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  1. not sure if this was answered before, search wasn't helpful anyways... im have alot of trouble trying to set up a connection - i can add one with the wizard but it doesn't show on the list. if i do auto config ("an orange sim has been detected something something, would you like to what-ever-they-call-it automatically?") i can see the connections but IE and xtra (and i assume everything else) are not able to use them. note: i HAVE been through the select networks screen and things ARE configured right in there. Thanks! btw: I love this rom other then the internet prob. looks great and runs like hell, but internet is kinda critical for me :)
  2. I'm sorry I dont have the phone.bin, hopefully someone else can send it to you, but I do have some answers. First of all something I feel has to be said: only flash an i900L phone.bin on an i900L device - this will not "unlock" frequencies for the standard i900, instead it will make a mess and you will have to re-flash it. Second, I think the UMTS here is 2100, not absolutely sure about that but thats what I think. Third, no - flashing your phone.bin will not change your phone's language. good luck!
  3. i've used touchpal in the past - it is without a doubt AWESOME! and trust me, i've tried a few IME's... if anyone picks up the glove and makes this hebrew compatible, he will recive my gratitude and whatever spare change i have in my pockets (assuming he's got a paypal account)
  4. well, statistically speaking, most people (at least where i live) hang on to their phones for about two years. if the omnia (original i900) is cheap, its hardware is still hard as nails even compared to phones that are just released or going to be released soon and got a strong community keeping the software side interesting then i would go for it. the omnia II will definitely cost a lot more and as glamorous as it seems its still a wm6.1\wm6.5 device. wm7 would be out and for not a whole lot of cash in two years (hopefully :D ), and snapdragons will be cheap and available too.
  5. mnissan

    Omnia Pro!

    i actually want that today plugin! :D
  6. you can use grandprix to do that, theres a stickey here somewhere....
  7. sorry for not providing a link, google it, I'm a little too tired. its called fonebook.
  8. Great job, the rom seems to be working great oob (orange il). im wondering how will you get wm6.5 hebrew done right... any known methods? i've tried every hebrew version out there and no cigar...
  9. same here, all contacts are in English, we're kidnapping the thread a little bit here, this is off topic - mind helping me out in private if you have an idea?
  10. icontact and icontact be (which i prefer, but it doesn't really matter) are too slow to scroll correctly, even if i install them on a fresh rom. that is, unless i disable hebrew right to left support.
  11. is icontact running fast enough? i could never get that one to quite run - how'd you do it?
  12. So I see you added the orange original phone rom? Thank you sooo much! I'm out of town and can't try it till' I get back, but I'm sure its excellent and will make sure and give it a spin as soon as I can! Thank you!
  13. well this rom is exactly what im looking for, just with the large volume cab and a phone.bin that fits orange. can i order one from you cookes? <_< that is unless of course someone has a decent Hebrew solution for a wm6.5 rom...
  14. well, this rom is faster then the original i'll give it that much. but im haing radio problems with orange 3g. only way i can make and recive calls is by setting the band to 800\1900 manually and by that disabling 3g support. batery life is good, everything else seems to work prefectly but i REALLY need the fast data connection so its a no-go for me unless someone can shed some light on this issue. Thanks alot for your effort in any case.
  15. Thanks, downloading now. EDIT: installed, seems to be working great, thanks mate I've been looking for that! will report later on stability etc, though I reckon it won't be an issue.

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