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    Samsung I9000/ LG O2X
  1. anzo

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Hungarian translate done! I would like to test your program, please give me the chance.
  2. anzo


    Download again, file ok.
  3. anzo


    Patience is now flash
  4. anzo


    1.100.063.bin 158 MB (166 050 120 bájt)
  5. anzo


    Vauuu! Thanks! I' am dowloading and test. :)
  6. anzo

    FRF91 (deodexed) for LiquidE [Rev 4.3]

    I have a Nokia Bluetooth heandset HW-26 and the pair linked well but just do not hear any noise. :(
  7. adb-windows remount adb-windows reboot bootloader fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x0502 flash boot boot39-768.img fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x0502 reboot
  8. anzo

    [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    What do you use? cygwin?
  9. anzo

    [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    Yes, I was sure that Acer defective because the previous bin than there was no such problem. I thought that the 0004 and 0008 would not be possible to put something together?
  10. anzo

    [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    Several people already wrote that trying to navigate backward. No matter which software I use.
  11. anzo

    [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    GPS is not something you can do?
  12. LCR1.3 work old 0.004 bin?
  13. anzo

    [ROM] anzo Liquid 2.1 Rom

    Flash again.
  14. anzo

    00.008.06 liquidE rom issue

    I only had a GPS it is a problem, working backwards. :P

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