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  1. Question for Verizon users...do you pay the $50 deductible for EACH of the 4 replacements, or do you just pay the first one? My screens been messed up twice now, trying to decide if I want to take it back again.
  2. Works great on my Omnia, @UbiMaiden, just change the skin on the clock and move some bits around and it'll be awesome! This is a great skin, and probably one I'll be sticking with for awhile. Btw I believe the theme creator mentioned adding more widgets in the future, so....yay!
  3. Sorry to here about about the hard reset, but thanks for helping us out. But is the keyboard really the same? Doesn't look at all like the one I remember my i910 coming with stock, I could be wrong.
  4. No luck on getting a hold of this? Looks a lot like this Android keyboard I wish I could have :D
  5. That keyboard looks amazing, lets hope we see it on our Omnias soon!
  6. Thanks Sector, I hope you keep up the great work of porting over the Omnia II apps for all us i900/i910 users!
  7. Actually I really like this theme. Not 100% about the keys, and there seems to be some sharp edges on the bottom menu, but other then that I like it. Good job!
  8. Any chance of zipping up those image files and uploading them? I'm on OS X, and they only way I can get them out is to use File Juicer which gives them all different names. I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  9. After combing the SSMaHo thread it seems specific message might require some work by the SSMaHo's dev or SMS-Chat's dev, but compose it seems is possible....I just can't figure out how! ;)
  10. Yep, I use SSMaHo to hook SMS-Chat into M2D. Read it's instructions carefully to make sure what you know how it works. Once to do that it's cake really ;) Also at risk of thread jacking I haven't gotten SMS-Chat with M2D perfect yet. Does anyone know the command line to compose with in SMS-Chat? Or to open the selected message in M2D?
  11. I know it involves editing .cpr files in the Windows directory, I've read it up a little but haven't taken the plunge into actually doing it. Get some more basic info here. While your at you might want to read most of that thread if you use WM 6.5 and even have a slight need/want to tweak it.
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