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  1. Think his proximity sensor might be broken. The screen should turn on automatically in a call when you take it away from your head.
  2. Luqq

    Circle battery MOD

    If its full, its just a circle. Let it run to 99 or less.
  3. For the sake of not scaring people, i have this radio aswell and wifi works fine for me. :( Did you have a branded phone?
  4. Looks nice, but im mostly interested in the auto-starting of navipanel. Any more info on this?
  5. Doesnt matter :o You can run the flash image via windows if you have adb shell. Good work guys, makes me feel a lot more secure about flashing froyo! :(
  6. I am currently running r3 with ucov v7 kernel running at stock speeds, drained ~13% to 87% in about 6 hours which seems pretty good. Didnt use the phone that much, but still, its pretty good :rolleyes:
  7. Very nice paul, this is indeed the moment for me to go buy your adfree pack :P Thanks for everything!
  8. Nice one, working correctly here! Props! :huh:
  9. If you're not sure, don't root. Just flash generic, and maybe do some research in the benefits of rooting and how to do it. Good luck.
  10. Make a bootable usb stick with Linux using UnetBootin. I'd recommend ubuntu, and then 10.04 live. If that's booted, use gparted to reformat it. GOod luck.
  11. quite some time, but i dont think it's flashed anything by then. I'd reboot. but..WHY IN GODSNAME WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT :|
  12. Luqq

    Apps2SD Miniguide

    Nope :huh: Only if you want RW to /system.
  13. First of all, if you did this, dont worry. In the worst case, you've got to buy a new HDD. Your entire laptop is not broken. Dont know about your data however..
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