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  1. cga

    What's up Rebels, you don't get tired of jumping around :)

  2. ssi42 bro thanks alot, much appreciated, i knew u will respond ;)
  3. Guys i really need that GTX 2g dialer, please some1 upload it. Thanks.
  4. Hi yonn or anybody, i need yonn's GTX 2g dialer. The link on the first page is dead, so please re upload. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thats so bad but if thats what u decide then i respect ur decession :D
  6. Dear Mureta, its really so nice to c u back again to shine our Omnia, welcome chef but dear its not fare ha, u should let the english users use ur awesome work of art as well. U know how many english users admire ur roms. So my requests to u is to publish ur new work in english as well. Its just a request but if u don't want to cook in english then i will understand. Take care and shine again...:-) EDIT: Or u can atleast make a cab of ur alpha UI mod in English if its not too much to ask. Thanks buddy.
  7. Just press the next msg and they will appear. By the way awesome, amazing, masterpiece yonn. The best so far. The standalone cab does work superb with other roms as well. Really a nice piece of work. Thanks alot. ;)
  8. :-) What a great news Yonn, u r the only chef left here to provide us whatsoever. Waiting.... EDIT:: Yonn ur link for GTX taskber is dead. Can u re upload please? Thanks mate.
  9. Wating eagerly doc, already checking xda everyday. Thanks for ur awesome creation. Good job and take care. :)
  10. That is just way too awesome doc, any plan on releasing that for omnia? hahahaah u r the best at this man..... :)
  11. Keep up the good work Mureta and try ignoring comments just for comments sake. U r doing a good job and we appreciate that. Whatever also u r actually providing a rom that we can put in our omnia, not just words which is waste of time and page. So do what u do best with ur roms and forget/ignore such comments though i know its hard or ignore when u listen some ungrateful words 4m users.
  12. Hi ssi42, Nice work mate, using for last few days now. Did u solve or come up with a solution to that clock overlapping operator name? Please advise. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the new updates mureta, looks awesome but i was kinda wondering if u could cook a m2d with ssi42's BLACKFROYO THEME. It would be wonderful. Please consider my request. Thanks again mate, cheers.
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