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  1. At end i bought The full versión of stickmount and i can accesos to ntfs and extfat and automatically mount The units with The name of label.ill Hope that The script Will be included on future versions.thank to all by help..And praying for any day can install cm13
  2. Yes, its rooted, i dont know The simbol,The program has root permision,i installed superuser because fouldermount need it,but not problems with root
  3. NiNop.I'll try but say "mount:. Invalid argument":( I tried on the other USB and The dame error,probably sdb1 was other name?
  4. Nop.I'll try but say "mount:. Invalid argument":( Not can do a update.zip for these reason? Thanks
  5. Thanks konstat for your faster answer.i install a terminal Shell for use The comand and try. The properfix i not know how to use,but i'll try with terminal commands
  6. Please any help for mount The two pendrives at same time? Beca use if not i'll return to original poor versión .with certain test The two drivers are detected, even i can ser The inside data. Thanks PD. We can do a petition on changue. Org for chuwi Release The source of kernel for hi12 and use for your cm13? And answer to The problems of this poor quality tablet
  7. In the original Android versión with stickmount i can access to the two Pendrive, usb3 recoginze mouse and keyboards, but not mount Pendrive, the it's a problem with the mount
  8. I use programs for USB information and detect in my case a pny drive, but not mount it, i tried stickmount and other but not mount, Any comand,program or script for mount? Thanks
  9. Hi from Spain, i AM very happy with this rom because accept my USB 128gb extfat directly, but the problems it's that can only use one USB, if i put another Pendrive on second USB it not mount. PleaseAnyone can help me?
  10. please, anyone know how bright up the lockscreen, because i have a omnia 2 i8000, and with the low dim i cannot see nothing with sunlight. thanks to all
  11. i did it with a 2 weeks battery, the i had 93% and after reset i wanted to remember that was 89% or low, can anyone say me if it´s for best? thanks to all. updated: after 8 hours. battery at 75%, 2g mode, standby mode all time , only six times for see if i had a any call or message, on windows-init the spbshell, the touchlockpro and a call recorder, no mail daemont, etc. it´s good, i think that without any use it´s would be more battery? thanks agail
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