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  1. First of all; this is my first cooked rom. Dowload Link : http://www.shiftpda.com/showthread.php?tid...id=4072#pid4072 If you like my Job, please DONATE Thanks to : PPCBoy for kitchen Chucky for themes berkende (Mustafa) RYUU (Murat) Akman (Abdurahim) Dr.RoMehmet (Mehmet Enis Üstündag) gokhan onder ferfecir husseinerol dreamnej (Nejat) CyberWorm (Murat) and all http://www.shiftpda.com group -
  2. YOU CANNOT RUN THIS WITHOUT A STORAGE CARD. Copy the contents of the Android ROM folder from the archive to your Storage Card. Make sure all the files go in a folder called "Android" on your storage card, exactly as you see it in the archive. You can do this on your computer. After you do all this, either use the "Launch Android" shortcut(s) in the ROM, or simply reboot! If you have problems with Android, and dont want to boot directly in Android simply remove the storage the card from the device to stop the OS from trying to launch Android. If the OS detects no storage card, it will warn you. If you find that you don't like this ROM and want to get back to your regular Windows Mobile ROM, turn the phone off (press the End key inside Android or simply pull the battery) and let the phone shutdown. Pull the storage card out of the phone and turn the phone back on. It will boot to windows. From here, you can flash a full ROM of your choice. Sugggestions - Go to Settings / Wireless & Networks / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names and push the "windows" key on the device to get the menu to pop out. Here you can add the access point for your provider. For example, it's "wap.voicestream.com" for TMobile USA. You can look this up easily on XDA. This is a required step to get DATA services in Android. - The "windows" key is your menu key in android. Please DONATE Have Fun :huh: DOWNLOAD If you want do sync. your Android with your PC, try HTCSync = http://www.mediafire.com/?m1bblptpfjg7u67
  3. Thank you Berkende Thank you www.shiftpda.com
  4. You can download the regional settings from here. Its in .cab format. http://www.mediafire.com/?rmguxmnnnne
  5. First of all : start/settings/system/regional setting/ select your country press ok. Then : connect to your pc with ActiveSync
  6. Here it is : http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=86421ad...04f31aacf568dab
  7. what do you use? WindowsXP or Vista. Its not for Vista. Just can use with XP. I have downloaded to and its work. download it again.
  8. Is it the screenshot from Nicklas 23071 rom? Or is it yours? The skin is amazing!
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