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    Samsung Omnia II GT-I8000
  1. i didn't hv time to try Samsung Today, will try it n c. As for Phone Book, it has been removed. using windows default contacts.
  2. removed in UL ROM. and which ROM are u referring to?
  3. Will try to upload to mediafire. uploading takes quite some time also. will try to check on touchplayer cab.
  4. No issue with default WM Titanium. Any fix will either have to be by Samsung or MS.
  5. 8MB Pagepool Full Rom uploaded to Mediafire in 1st post. 8MB Pagepool Lite Rom uploaded to Mediafire in 1st post.
  6. Yes, it was removed. just installed the cab ( it was posted somewhere in one of the threads....) Note: RSSReader was removed also.
  7. Here u go, just use Resco explorer or any other explorer and copy to \Windows folder and reset phone. :) 1. welcomehead.192.png --> 2. power_on.gif --> 3. power_off.gif -->
  8. Tested both blue and green, seems fine, so far no issues.
  9. well, i suppose u r using the full ROM, perhaps it will be more helphul to indicate whether it is Full, Lite or Ultralite ROM. <_<
  10. Read on PagePool here 1. http://www.etenblog.com/2008/01/14/change-...page-pool-size/ 2. http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archiv.../17/494177.aspx
  11. sorry dude, i don't use e above so hv no idea abt that..
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