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  1. I do use MMS, but thanks anyways. Thanks for the DC22img. Could someone point me to the original CF03 installer or and img? (again, not a torrent)
  2. I am trying to upgrade, but the updater says I don't have an omnia i910... Do I need to flash back to the plain CF03 first? And can someone give me that img? (Not as a torrent, my computer won't download those)
  3. You should have cabbed the registry settings. Woulda been easy to install/uninstall.
  4. I have the insurance plan on it for "the same or comparable phone". So, if I bring it back, I get another omnia?
  5. I have an insurance plan for my omnia, and it's kind of screwed up. If I went to verizon and said I lost it, would they give me an omnia 2 for $50?
  6. I've given up. I've done those suggestions already. I'll just flash on my laptop
  7. When I install it, I get the driver error "Windows mobile remote adapter:Failed" Windows 7 x64, not a clue what's wrong Anyone have teamviewer?
  8. This is screwed up. All drivers are up and running. USB storage mode works, but not activesync.
  9. Thanks, my first CB. i5 cpu quad btw. Anyways, it works on my laptop [win 7 x32], but this just won't connect. Stupid drivers.
  10. Damn. New gaming computer won't recognize my phone. This is a put down.... Windows 7 x64 8gb G.SKILL DDR3 Ati Radeon 5770
  11. I have midterms, and my phones been buggy, so I'm looking for a nice stable one =) I'll defs be trying them all very soon though :)
  12. I'm back =) Back to flashing. Any suggestions on my come back flash?
  13. Other than the green one looking a bit like some illegal drug, that is one smexy rom!
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