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  1. Welcome to this forum. You can find a flashing guide here. Some of the better ROMs for the O2 are by Lightweaver and AMDZero. My favorites are Lightweaver's x920 Series found here and AMDs Ultralights found here. Unfortunately for those of use still using Windows Mobile we are becoming a vanishing breed. Most of the best chefs have moved on to the Droid platform. Still you can find some valuable information on this forum and those of us who still contribute should be happy to help you.
  2. Hey X, here you go. Install everything to your Device. These plug-ins will not work if installed to My Storage or your Storage Card. Before installing any of the following plug-ins you will need to have MortScript and SdkCerts installed. In addition you will need the Showaco Chome editor in order to configure your Titanium UI to use the plug-ins and control the sort order on your today screen. I use the following plug-ins: ATContacts for favorite contacts, CComm for a comm manager, CLauncher for a favorite apps launcher, Titanium Notification for a missed calls, etc. notifier. Titanium System Panel for a free RAM and storage indicator, and Titanium Weather for weather. All of these are found below. MortScript-4.2-PPC.cab SdkCerts.cab Showaco Chome Editor_Beta1.6.cab ATContacts_v0.98.CAB CComm_V0.32_by_Shemmy.cab CLauncher_V0.25_jackyaway.cab Titanium Notification Asus535.cab Titanium_System_Panel_v2.3_i8000.CAB TitaniumWeather_v4.2.cab
  3. I have currently gone back to the official ROM as I will be selling my O2 soon. Decided to run Windows Default (Titanium) with a couple of plug-ins as my UI as it is still the fastest UI for a stock ROM.
  4. No problem. Yes, you will need to download the Samsung_CDMA_modem_4_1_.34.zip file and install it to your computer. You may also need to download and install to your computer the WinXP_x32.zip file. Once you have done that install the i920 flasher. Once everything is installed follow these instructions: 0) Make sure to install (or to have installed already) the Samsung_CDMA_modem_4_1_.34.zip driver. 1) Make sure your phone is not connected to your PC; if it is, disconnect it. 2) Make sure to Turn off your phone. 3) Start i920 flasher and fill required fields/checkboxes Select the PDA buttons and open the .nb0 file. 4) Press "Detect" button. You should see the flashing process update in the display window and on your phone. As for your other question about my phone being able to dual boot to Android. It does not. My signature references the current ROM I am using (found here) along with my today interface. You can find this at my post here.
  5. If you are already running DG21 you will need to flash the i920 Samsung PDA .nbo file found in Post #1. Download this file and use the i920 flasher program I've attached to the bottom of this post. Instructions on reflashing your ROM can be found here. jInbox overwrites your messaging program. If you uninstall it your original messaging app will still work but you will loose the messaging link in your program directory. Try the Pandora app below. It works for me. i920-Flasher.exe pandora.cab
  6. Welcome, glad to see another i920 user. Like you I came from the i910 and have found this forum to be invaluable in helping me keep current with my phone. You will find some excellent ROMs from Lightwaver, AMDZero and others here. Just search the forum and find the one that works best for you. Personally I like Lightwaver's X-920 All-In-One series. I use his X-920 Version 1.0 SP1 ROM and run SPB MobileShell with Droid Pro+ on top of that. I've had absolutely no problems with this ROM. It's light and fast and is my ROM of choice. Look around and enjoy, everyone here is very helpful.
  7. SPB Mobile Shell with Droid Pro +
  8. You can find a link to the original ROM in my post here.
  9. Hi Bryan, Where did you get the background shown in Post #1?
  10. Thanks X, The previous ROM's of yours that I have tried have all been excellent. My only concern with any 6.5.x ROM is a alignment issue I have with a couple of programs I use on a daily basis. They just don't fit the screen correctly. With that being said, once you have the final final ROM done for this I'll probably give it a whirl. I'm sure I speak for others when I say that your work is greatly appreciated. You've given my O2 new life and as I've got over a year left on my current Verizon contract I won 't be getting a new phone very soon. Thanks again for your excellent work.
  11. Okay, so the 65Mb free RAM you are experiencing is at boot or after you have used the phone for a day?
  12. The 43Mb is after a day of use. Original load-in with MS/Droid+ active is 73Mb at boot and idle. Loading all the MS icons from my 6 screens immediately drops RAM by 10Mb. Seems to settle in after an hour or so at 60Mb available. MS still runs smooth though with only an occasional lag. When I was only using Titanium as my UI my boot at idle was over 90Mb. Even after a day of use I was still over 80Mb available RAM and that's outstanding. MS is a RAM hog, that's the price you pay for eye candy. Take a look at the BattClock readings below for Titanium vs. SPB Mobile Shell. These are after a day of use with Lightweaver's X920 All-in-One v1.0 without Sense. UPDATE: I have reconfigured my SBP MS/Droid+ and now boot to 90mb free with mobile shell running. After a day of use it settles in at about 79mb. That's excellent.
  13. Ok thanks, I'll give it a shot. I use SPB MS along with DROID PRO+ 3.0 by DOC3000 & MSKIP. I'm currently using Lightweaver's X920 All-In-One v1.0 without Sense and MS loads in with about 43Mb available.

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