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  1. i have the same problem of the battery and nobody know how can we resolv this matter :)
  2. dear sector please...............can you resolve the problem of wikipedia????? it worked with the first version of manila2d haedes 23064 but not with the second one that you realised to resolve the problem of the camera...... i hope in a your answer....thanks i love your rooms
  3. @sector dear sector you'd be able to solv the problem of wikipedia in omnia i 900 build 23064 M2DC v.2. ? in the preceding version build 23064 M2DC v.1 wikipedia worked.......for the rest this rom is fantastic............... sorry for my english.....please answer me about this question
  4. about the keyboard tap delay problem, I am using FtouchSL (latest version) to solve it. It's a great program, but I read somewhere that it freezes the phone and you have to hard reset the phone to fix that. Anyway, I'm using FtouchSL, unchecking the option "Enable at startup" in the config dialog. No issues. what do you think?
  5. Could anyone please tell me how to fix delay with Touchresponse 0.3.2?? Please... ;)
  6. Athena 23034 Original Titanium v1: Problem Report Samsung Phonepad skin, when chosen, has the scrollbar stuck on the right side.
  7. GO SECTOR GO!!! :D Edit: my connect cable is on fire!! LOL! :angry:
  8. Yo guys Sorry for the red coloring of my post.... I coloured them just because I find out that when I wrote them in black I was never answered (writing in red made me recognizable :D) Anyway, I will consider flashing Athena (I already knew about Nitrogen Panel and the calendar stuff...Maybe it's just that I'm used to good ol' Titanium)... I'll let you know. Big Up
  9. @ forelli and WAIKIKI I'm waiting for Athena plus Original Titanium basically for two reasons: 1. S2P panel (yet not integrated into Neo Titanium....already asked to Blazingwolf) 2. Calendar panel function that shows the appointment coming up next either those points are included in Neo Titanium, or I don't think I will flash Athena... :D I really need those things!
  10. Still no Athena rom with Original Titanium? :D I really need that, since Neo Titanium can't be personalized adding panels.... Please, master Sector!
  11. ..but HOW exactly is it possible to write a language pack for a wm 6.5 (custom)rom? e.g., I would be interested in getting my Sector's rom translated in italian (and, by the way, I know that some dudes translated in italian the rom by dddrko)... How can I? :D I know it's much easier than translating it to Korean! :)
  12. search for UITweaker... it's a freeware program that allows you to change ANY color of your UI (User Interface). Besides, it's got many other options. PM me if you don't succeed in getting what you need and I'll provide you a brief tutorial ;)
  13. me too, I'm wondering the same question: can we port omnia 2's applications to i900?? any comment by the cooker's team is welcomed! ;)
  14. how can I change the taskbar and the bottom bar from black (or any other color) to transparent?
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