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  1. mo976

    Ask MoDaCo: The HTC One Mini

    Paul, I need to replace my wife's Razr I due to the camera not working (its on and off) but she wants something similarly sized... Not wanting to downgrade her screen size and if she needs a new phone at least I can go for the best in class, so it comes down to the One mini or S4 mini. The One mini seems pretty large for (small) lady hands but it looks so much better, what do you think?
  2. Not sure what you mean exactly but I used menu button on right hand side (stock style), navigation on right in landscape option in the kitchen. It happens on any screen when holding down the home icon in the navigation bar in portrait mode and does not work at all in landscape mode.
  3. Paul, I just noticed the Google logo is cut in half when holding down the home key to activate Google now, not a big deal at all but something for a future release I suppose. Other then that great job I love the kitchen and I think Jr11 eliminated some lagginess I had noticed in Jr10. Thanks
  4. You might want to try re-flashing the firmware either trips see the thread for instructions you must have superCID download it here or get the latest 3.24 from xda. Dont forget to put the PG58IMG.zip in the root of your sd card. You might also want to try re-flashing CWM recovery from the bootloader using adb command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img you can download it from http://www.clockworkmod.com/rommanager but I attached recovery for the pyramidrecovery.img (Sensation only) here are more detailed instructions if you need them.
  5. In the mean time he is posting his new work on Rootzwiki.com and he tweeted that he will post beta 009 sometime this morning. Also according to tweets between him and Paul it appears they are trying to sort out this mess, and he is considering coming back to Modaco because of the popularity of the forums and the site in general.
  6. Which kernel are you using? I am using sebastian 1.7 but I set the max for 1.4ghz w/powersave governor.
  7. Just curious to know what kernel people are using e.g. the one included in the ROM or Sebastian's 1.5/1.7 or trip's crispy or stock etc... and how is the performance/battery life any major issues random reboots etc. I have Sebastian 1.7 on now but I just flashed beta005.... coming from virtuous 3.0. Thanks for the input
  8. Is there a changelog or could you update the first post with additions/changes/fixes for the newest beta. Thanks keep up the great work.
  9. hi im using the 21874 classic rom with m2d and after i change settings in the m2dc app it showes me the tap here to launch i tap and it shows loading and goes back to tap here to launch and so on and so forth and ideas is this a common problem i check for a few pages but no one mentioned it. Thanks for the help. HR solved that but now the wifi is blanked out and the phone is not connected to the usb???
  10. Hey KC, Thank you for the hard work, but the new builds are not ready for prime time so its back to hybrid 23016. Thank You
  11. Nothing new on every version till now there is same glitch but its no big deal!
  12. that is correct or at least what they are saying! I suppose it also is a matter of taste. The latest is not always the best sometimes an older build is more stable!
  13. According to a post on XDA 23xxx and the 21xxx are 2 different development tracks for WM6.5 23xxx is from Microsoft and 21xxx released from HTC. The 219xx is possibly a taste of WM7 with a rotating menu on top instead of tab's on the bottom and im sure there are other unspecified fixes and changes as well. Check out this article http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/19/recent-...endly-approach/ Bigger is not always better!
  14. Hey KC, Im using UL 21928 6mb and its quick responsive and just great, but can you bring back the htc task manager please its much better then the gesture task switcher and has more features. Thanks for your hard work, Mo

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