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  1. nodata or dialup enablerdisabler aplications on (this apli will close your gprs/3g connections)
  2. hi I got a problem with S2U2. When incoming call, if caller havent photo dont show me name only number. why is it? s2u2 has activated caller id >> fullscreen thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Yonn hahaha, all freezes for me, but finally yesterday travelling with Igo gps ... crash message. I dont know whats is the problem, but I think that problem is my i900 not like new sense. :lol: :) thanks for your attention.
  4. Hi Yonn, another problem (bug). Sometimes my phone freeze when end call. S2U2 freezee when end call. Thanks
  5. Hi Some problems with new rom: . M2DC not rom with your last rom, why? . I can´t change background image. . Bluetooth fail, freeze my bluetooth and in S2U2 screen appear conect with car. This is wrong. . S2U2 config, I can´t change wallpaper, not run when I press select folder. . Battery icon, number change between 80%, two seconds after 100%, afert again 80% ... Sorry for my poor english, I´ll wish you undertand me. Thanks again for your hard work, and make me enjoy with my omnia. Best regards.
  6. Hi friend, nice flipclock and ... can you share your todaywallpaper.png ¿? thxs
  7. HI andrew, that´s not my question. In another roms with manila 2d, weather tab was animated (cleaning rain for raining day for example). This rom has animated weather icons???? (not 3D)
  8. Hi friends Somebody knows if this Eclipse M2D can have animated weather tab, and how? thanks
  9. Hi, I had many BTproblems with 23119 and 23129 Roms NO BT problems with 23118 Bye
  10. I am very sad, Spain is sad Dont leave us, I'll have to pull the omnia or buy to android I do not want (and I can´t € € €) happen to Android. My biggest congratulations on your work and your dedication I hope everything goes well and see you around here from time to time Sorry for my poor google translate. See U
  11. You are using gtx rom with igo8, because when i tested this rom, when I use igo8 and incoming call s2u2 freeze my cell and only solution was reset it.
  12. OCK I testing 23129 Titanium Premium. It has same fail that 25028, bluetooth fail. Bluetooth fail to conect with others devices like car bluetooth or pc bluetooth It´s a big problem for me, but other user have same failure?????? thxs
  13. Hi Yonn from Spain. Thanks for your hard work and good roms. Testing since this morning, Manila not is the best UI for me, but your rom run wells, very quickly. Again, thanks. You and others cookers keep my Omnia alive.
  14. Yonn1981 From Spain, thanks for your work. Best wishes. :P (SPAIN WorldCup Winner 2010) :P
  15. This ROM "V3c Extra Lite 6.5.3" was a corrupt ROM. And then, how can you are using it???
  16. Hi Somebody can re-upload V3c 6.5.3 Extra Lite (Bone) Edition "Office + Games Removed - CABs Available" Thanks in advance. :) :D :P FINAL World Cup Result: HOLLAND 0 - SPAIN 1, GO SPAIN!!! GO! :P B) :D
  17. HI, I´m using V3a, but now work after I disabled reminders sound + softreset + enabled reminder sound + softreset. Now works, It´s all fine to me. Thanks again. :) :D :P GERMANY 0 - SPAIN 1. GO SPAIN! GO!!!!! :P B) :D
  18. Hello First, Good Job Yonn. Second, I have a BIG BIG problem. Reminders havent sound. When arrived calendar appointment NO SOUND. This is too bad for me, calendar is essential. Settings>Sound & Notifications> Reminders sound is active. Please solve this problem. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi I see a bug. In omnia setting -> audio -> notifications -> sms notifications and all options, not work. Thanks all
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