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  1. HI, good rom But I have a little problem, when my phone blocked not show calendar appointment. Can I/you solve it? Thanks
  2. OCK I test your AlphaUI Rom, and can you add to Program launcher + Contact launcher?? Thanks
  3. Hi again. Installed 23569 0 problems, like other Roms. First impresion is good, only I see a bit of lag between panels Bye
  4. OCK Congratulations. First I did test it GTX, all parts ok but M2D, I dont like. After, and I have installed now, OCK´s Titanium. The best for me, simply and usefull. You are very good chef. You try innovate again and again. I´m happy. I´m downloading 23569, and I test it. Thanks for your hard word. Keep in touch.
  5. DXIF1 Best phone.bin battery drain in 4 days, perfect call signal and fixed gps You must test it. keep in touch. Bye
  6. Hi guys I tested DXIF1 phone.bin. And, for me, it´s the best phone.bin Empty battery in 4 days (bluetooth always conected, wifi three times today, over 5 calls today), good call signal and good gps. Highly recommended Bye
  7. HI Andrew Where can I find this phonerom ? thxs Sorry, I find it http://www.mediafire.com/?mundjndn2yk
  8. Hi Andrew I use Titanium version, and I have a problem. Phone freezing several time on incoming SMS or incoming Call. Do you know something about it??? Thanks, good work. My opinion: phone skin, or LG phone you, dont have characters (1abc 2def 3... ) in botton to search contacts. It´s a big mistake.
  9. Well, then .... on monday I give a pre-feedback hahahah keep on touch
  10. Thanks KR I will flashing now and I test this radio on weekend. Monday I give feedback. Good Weekend for all
  11. Then, you think that I would must flash my device with ZHIE1. This phone.bin is valid for any european country, like Spain? Thanks, again.
  12. Thanks andrew for your time. In my old Rom, with same use, battery life 3 day. And with this rom only one and half day. I dont know if PUJA1 is the problem and I would have flashing with ZHIE1 Thanks friends
  13. Hi First, a BIG thanks for your works. I have running, Titanium Sense, and all aplications and settings run well BUT the battery, great problem. Batery life is empty in one and half day. What is wrong??? Usually I have bluetooth activated, and other rom battery life for three days... What phone.bin you have?????? I have PUJA1 phone.bin Thanks
  14. From Spain: A LOT OF THANKS Nicklashidegard Best kitchen for my omnia. Thanks for all, and best wishes for you and all yours.
  15. Hi I install 4 cabs and after reset, my omnia has said: "The file 'Appointment' cannot be opened. Either its is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its componentes cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file." Please help it. Thanks
  16. Thanks thanks thanks from Spain. For me, best roms for my omnia. <_<
  17. Hi, where I can get this Theme? I search link, but I dont find it <_< .
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