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  1. Hi All

    I hope rebel & Andrew may like it and OCK too enjoy the our modification

    OCK eclipse rom with full screen weather and color tab icon...

    before installing jumba i c throu :lol:

    till we have new version of OCK rom we can do just theme modification to have new look for our omnia

    hope OCK never mind it.. :

    Thanks OCK



    Thanks for your work

    Can you tell me how to make this theme?

  2. Thanks .. Sure others will like this :)

    install this:


    Then this:


    You need the old trick with operator settings or just setup WAP manually ... I do see My internet option ...

    I see you have lot of freezes?! BT, Phone , S2U2 .. Did you restore a backup or something? I'll ask you to hard reset but this might not be an option for you :( .. Anyone else experience freezes?

    Hi Yonn

    hahaha, all freezes for me, but finally yesterday travelling with Igo gps ... crash message.

    I dont know whats is the problem, but I think that problem is my i900 not like new sense. :lol: :)

    thanks for your attention.

  3. Hi

    Some problems with new rom:

    . M2DC not rom with your last rom, why?

    . I can´t change background image.

    . Bluetooth fail, freeze my bluetooth and in S2U2 screen appear conect with car. This is wrong.

    . S2U2 config, I can´t change wallpaper, not run when I press select folder.

    . Battery icon, number change between 80%, two seconds after 100%, afert again 80% ...

    Sorry for my poor english, I´ll wish you undertand me.

    Thanks again for your hard work, and make me enjoy with my omnia.

    Best regards.

  4. You seem to know everything, but you don't dude! :lol:

    What do you think about this?

    post-569191-1284477381_thumb.png post-569191-1284477403_thumb.png

    It's a M2D flipclock in a cab, so if i don't want it anymore just uninstall it. No problem about that.

    Of course i've made a backup first with M2DC.

    Here it is if you wanna try. It works on my phone, maybe it does on yours.


    See ya! :)

    Hi friend, nice flipclock and ... can you share your todaywallpaper.png ¿?


  5. No, it can't. M2Dv2... is exactly that, a "simulator" of TouchFLO2D, not 3D! Our i900's not supporting 3Ds.

    BUT!... You can chech a thread I opened reacently (Omnia "goodies") and there, you can find another stand-alone app, the MobilityFlow Touch Weather. It's 3D full-screen animated weather. Try it, it's very impressive.

    HI andrew, that´s not my question.

    In another roms with manila 2d, weather tab was animated (cleaning rain for raining day for example).

    This rom has animated weather icons???? (not 3D)

  6. Hi,

    after quite some time with OCKs cool ROMs I had BT-errors with 23128 GTX: Couldn't recognize my heart-rate-monitor. No BT-audio-commands like in Khuanshai's/PDhee's ROMs. In PDhee's threat there is a leaked ROM which is working with all my BT-devices.

    It's a Build: 23132.5.3.8.

    Hope it helps,


    Hi, I had many BTproblems with 23119 and 23129 Roms

    NO BT problems with 23118


  7. USA lad, you didn't check privious posts of mine, here in this topic...

    I POSTED a cab, which is fixing the weather problem in the Home page and without (EVER!) to bother yourself about it, anymore! All you need, after you install it, to updating after 5 days the Weather tab.

    About the S2U2... and the weather, there.

    When we're using a new app, we need to SPEND some time to get known each other (with it), right?

    It's pretty much easy; In the settings, you're going to "Information" (the pannel/menu, about clock's fonts, battery indicator, etc.) and you're going FAR DOWN in the list. There... there is an option disabled. You may play with the buttons, till you'll find "Manila2DWeather"... Also, exactly bellow, there is another option, to showing the current weather on S2U2. Enable that too...

    Hi andrew, where is this cab?

    thanks in advance

  8. @ Rebels and christopher koik:

    Space bar can be fixed with Yonn OmniaLITE Jinbox as was discovered after cooking 3a and 3b ..

    As for Samsung Lockscreen I didn't play with it much and I can't see and missing registries or dlls... Maybe it work like this? Maybe someone with real B7300C can help us?


    > NO more upcoming ROMs, sorry :)

    I'm now finalizing kitchen to upload it - Hope someone will do better than me :D with it ...

    It's based on oskitchen, so it really easy for anyone to use...


    From Spain, thanks for your work.

    Best wishes.

    :P (SPAIN WorldCup Winner 2010) :P

  9. Thanks Yonn for the V3c Extra Lite (bone) Edition 6.5.3. It is amazingly fast.

    I have questions though. How can I enable the new 6.5 lockscreen? I have tried to install Chobit smartlock to enable it but it is not working. I have also tried doing it in the registry but not successful either. Is it built in this ROM?

    This ROM "V3c Extra Lite 6.5.3" was a corrupt ROM.

    And then, how can you are using it???

  10. Hello

    First, Good Job Yonn.

    Second, I have a BIG BIG problem. Reminders havent sound. When arrived calendar appointment NO SOUND. This is too bad for me, calendar is essential.

    Settings>Sound & Notifications> Reminders sound is active.

    Please solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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