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  1. July 14th I've recently upgraded to the TyTn II and was a little upset with the slowness... After a few calls to a few departments, Voda have agreed to replace it on July 14th for a Diamond... How soon after do you all expect/think the Touch Pro will be out?
  2. Boinng - thank you for your informed response. You seem to have understood my concerns perfectly. Stability is my main issue. I've heard of the new Voda kit and I'd be very happy to flash to it. For the moment, I think I'll stick to the HTC stock setup - it looks good and like you mentioned, I'd like to clear up the 'fluff' from the device. I would like to see a stable fluff free ROM from Dutty and co but I appreciate that chefs want to get the most progress in each release and that may mean alot of untested wares being thrown in. Ha @ Hotphil's IT Dept - sounds very similar to ours!
  3. Hello to all - it's been a while since I posted here and may I just congratulate everyone on such a progressive forum. It's good to see everyone helping and contributing to questions and problems. My question to you all is this - understanding that everyone will have their own opinions on what progs they want on their device, what is the most stable ROM to flash to at present? Taking my lovely brick out of the box and checking the stock firmware, I have the following: WinMo 6 Pro CE OS 5.2.1620 (Build 18125.0.4.2) ROM Version: ROM Date: 09/12/07 Radio Version: I've read a few threads on here and on XDA (not quite following some of the tech speak)...and I've seen that alot of folk are impressed with the ROM flashes by TLR and Dutty. That said, alot of other folk seem to be having problems with settings of all kinds. I know these guys are doing this for fun and it's not as if everything is always going to be perfect but I'm looking for something that I won't need to be tweaking everyday. I like the idea of having the CUBE stuff on my device but not so sure whether it's worth it. Any suggestions? Once again, I'm just looking for the most stable update to make the device run more efficiently. Thanks in advance...
  4. Thanks for the move Mono... Specifics? Not really - just wanted to know whether it worth dipping in for... I'm on an upgrade from my TyTn and ideally wanted to jump on the Touch Cruise but it doesn't appear to be coming out on Orange... The TyTn II is obvious but I was hoping for something a little slimmer... I'm not a fan of the Touch Dual...
  5. I've just seen this device posted on the 'Coming Soon' section on the Orange website... Can someone tell me which device it is please? http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...spv_e610/detail Many thanks, Shakini
  6. I've just seen this device posted on the 'Coming Soon' section on the Orange website... Can someone tell me which device it is please? http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...spv_e610/detail Many thanks,
  7. I'm seriously considering this as a replacement for my M3100...if the 'O' decide to release it... Which leads to my question... Any news on whether the 'O' lot will? I can hump on a Touch Dual at the moment (they're asking too much for the TyTn II)... Or I can wait a while if I know the Cruise is coming out... ??
  8. Right then folks... I've been on Orange for a fair few years now. I joined with the Everyday 50 tariff and have stuck with it since. For the past few months, I haven't used the evening minutes and my contract expired a few months back. :) So I called up Orange and asked them to end the contract, spoke to retentions who asked me if there was anything they could do to keep me. Now I thought I'd mention this considering the amount of people that have had problems with Orange and their retentions team. In fact, the strangely jovial chap on the other side of the line offered to match the FlexT tariffs! Orange 50 he called it - compared to the T Mob FlexT 50 I think...exactly the same principle and the same price. Throw in a free M600 and I'm wondering whether to stay with them now! As far as I'm aware then... They're matching all the FlexT prices and tariffs and they're willing to throw in extra goodies if you take out an 18month contract. Hope this helps anyone upgrading soon... :D
  9. shakini


    What am I looking forward to? I suppose a step forward from the current base. I've heard folk comparing the new interface to the step between 3.1 and W95 - i.e. pretty darn huge. I bought the P800 because it was something different. The P900 was a must after the P800 and the P910 was bought as a matter of habit more than a want. THe P910 currently holds my urgent emails and my diary which needs to be easily accessible at all times - on the move and at home. My brother has been using the XDA and now has the Mini and is loving it. I've found it slow in the past but the new JAMin looks to be a viable alternative to the P990. I'm not so sure at the moment, but the history I've had with SE draws me to it. Like you say Paul - I'm not convinced about the flip revealing the QWERTY but I suppose I'll have to play with it in the flesh before I decide to move on. At this pint though, I really want it. :-) I'd be interested to see how well the WiFi works...and whether I'd end up using SKYPE instead of calling. :)
  10. I've purchased a few contracts from online stores in the past and they've always been rather good. The last purchase I made however has been an absolute nightmare. www.onestopphoneshop.com have continually messed up and misinformed my order and I on far too many occasions. I'm not usually one to complain if I'm getting a cheap(er) deal but these guys really have demonstrated a passion for getting it wrong. My initial order had to be returned six times (I became good friends with the courier!) because they kept getting the paperwork wrong or they didn't send the correct handset. Once the correct order had been delivered, they problems didn't stop. It took them a further three weeks to activate the line - after days of to-and-fro-ing on the telephone. This was back in September. To this day, I haven't received a bill for my services. I've called them on a weekly basis to try and make a payment and keep getting the same answer from them, "Mr Merlin, there has been a problem with the activation of your line - your bill will be processed shortly." Surprisingly, I've been using the line since the beginning of October and the actual Voda service is fantastic. I've even had use fo the free Mobile TV period. I'm now expecting a HUGE bill once they decided to get their act together and send me one. Pah - now that I've had my rant, I'd like to throw the question to you all. Name all the comanies you've had good or bad experiences with. :)
  11. shakini


    I've heard no rumours after the last announcement of the Q2 Release. I've been due an upgrade since January but I'm holding out for this little piece of magic. :)
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