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  1. I received my HTC case 2 days ago. It's very nice case, however, it took them a long time, almost 2 months.
  2. Hi Lobby, I have a S710, which one do I download? 1st page beginning of post - I noticed it only shows the next appointment instead of "all day appointments" or Final version that you mentioned with Paul's debrander on 1st page - I wasn't sure about this one because I don't use the Paul's debrander since my S710 is SIM version. Great homescreen!!!! I hope you can improve it with more features. Thanks, Robert
  3. What is your favoite phone (out of the three)?
  4. How about recurring Outlook appointments not showing up. I heard emoze was working on it but I'm still not seing my recurring appointments with the new version. What's making the battery draing so much? Regards, Robert
  5. I tried Emoze on my Samsung Blackjack and it's fast. However, I had to uninstall it because my phone doesn't make it the whole day, the software drains my phone battery so fast. I wish they come up with a solution that it doesn't drain too much battery. Gripes: Battery - It drains so much of my battery compare to other push email I've tried. Re-curring appointments does not sync (only manual appts appears). I was told by Emoze Tech Support that it's a known issue and they're working on the solution. No ETA. Regards, Robert
  6. I'm interested. When can we get the first beta?
  7. Can someone post a screenshot what it suppose to do? Thanks!
  8. Hi JAVOedge, I received my order on Monday. :P Very fast shipping !!! I placed the order on Friday before 1:00 PM (US Pacific time) and I got the package on Monday. Question: How about a belt-clip version? I like to my lay down phone on the desk while working and be able to just grab it and clip on my belt. On the back of the box, it says a lanyard is included. Is this a misprint? Thanks, Robert
  9. I bought it on Friday and shipped the same day. There is no black so I ordered the solar greay instead (it's kinda like "light black"). Regards
  10. PM sent to you w/ my emal address. Is it available now for beta testing? Thanks, rperalta
  11. Hi Ingvarr, Is it possible to make this work while connected through Bluetooth via ActiveSync? Thanks, Robert
  12. Hi rivia, How about posting the new versions (Pocket PC or Smartphone) on the first page? It's a lot easier for users to see the new versions. Thanks, Robert
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