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  1. I found this pic and there is the task manager working with mobile shell... no one any idee how to make this working???
  2. hello, can anyone say me hoe to intigrate htc task manager in mobile shell 3.5.1 ? have see some pic who people have the hast manager symbol in the right corner but i want to know how to make this? please help
  3. witch keyboard uuse can u upload it it because it looks very nice.
  4. hello 1 first i want to know how to to use vito sms chat in spb mobile shell 3.5.1 when i click on the sms button i want to open vito sms chat can someone help me? and 2nd vito sms ignore my s2u when its looked vito sms chat is in foreground when i get an sms what can i make that vito dont ignore my s2u? please help :/ the 1337ngt
  5. hi Ryrzy, use ur old style rom :D 21876 and must say its the best i ever seen. only 1 question i have nur hsdpa (3g+) only 3G can i enable it? or have i made some mistakes with the roms before i habe 3g+ (hsdpa) thx 1337ngt
  6. found this and works fine 4 me because i had the same problem :) Attached File(s) Manila_Home_Weather_Updater__with_MortScript_.cab (
  7. hi is there anyway to make the sms/ email prev in the leo theme bigger like in the hero theme 4 m2d v1
  8. yeah! nice will there work everythink? or is there anythink missing?
  9. hello is there an all in 1 cab for the new manila 2d? in sectors rom there are 10000 cabs to install... is there any way to install it like manila2d 1.xx (M2D_full.cab) or so (sorry 4 bad english)
  10. witch programms are in clude in the curent 21876 rom? and witch keyboard u use?
  11. can someone help with the weather tab ? i realy like this theme cause its looks nice and its stable old manila. but the weather issn correct. please help
  12. hey all programms runs nice. but i use iContact and is there any way to start icontakt wenn i klick on phonebook icon in the the new dialer?
  13. is there anyay to enable xt9/t9 on my omnia wen im using resco keyboard? thx
  14. hey can someone help me with active sync problem? i cannot sync contacts :/ what must i do?
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