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  1. The only link to a "file manager" cab that I can find is broken.
  2. hmm... I've tried installing 2 different jinbox cabs and still the same problem... I also formatted the ROM back to original state to make sure it wasn't something I messed up along the way.
  3. Actually yes! tyvm X! I'll try that and let you know. This has been my favorite ROM since you put it out btw.. thanks for your contributions to the i920! *bows*
  4. Since there's not many people on the i920 section of this forum anymore I felt posting on the main topic would get more responses than posting in X's Ooberlite ROM section. Anyways.. I'm stuck with this phone for at least a little while longer and I'm planning to upgrade to the Galaxy S III!! Until then I'm having an Issue with sending MMS messages. when I select "insert picture" either from the normal tmail threaded sms or the other text application that looks skinned(not sure what that is) It doesn't open any type of selection screen for me to choose a picture to insert. Are there any registry settings I should check? Do I need to install Jinbox, since i'm pretty sure it was ripped out of the ooberlite rom? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks.
  5. No need for all that if I'm the only one that cares.. I think I've done all i need to do anyways. \HKCR\jpegimage\Shell\Open\Command Default "PhotoAlbum.exe" %1 I'm guessing wherever I see ("PhotoAlbum.exe" %1) associated with images I should change it to (\Windows\pimg.exe %1) pimg.exe is the executable for Pictures & Videos right? and may I ask what the difference between CubicWMPlayer.exe and WMPlayer.exe is??
  6. I understand that this ROM is stripped of almost everything but it also seems that x still wanted it to be fully functional. I'm guessing that if x did not want the Pictures & Videos app to be on there and functioning he wouldn't have put it on there. The same thing with WMP.. I don't need to view pictures or videos on my phone enough to think about buying or pirating another bit of software. All I'm asking for is how to map the file associations to these programs that are already on the phone. Thanks
  7. Great ROM! I only have one issue.. After flashing it seems that file associations are cut.. the programs for viewing images and videos are there but when I try to open the files it gives me the "The file 'x' cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found..." error. The only media that seems to open is a .divx file What's the cleanest way to fix this?
  8. Awesome exactly what I needed!
  9. So after putting HTCSensorSDK.dll in my windows folder the games will work but when moving North to South the ball or whatever i'm wanting to move goes the opposite direction. What's up with that? what do i need to change? The games calibration doesn't fix it. BTW the East to West(side to side) movements work as normal
  10. #1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\Rotation\HideOrientationUI from 1 to 0 Didn't think it was this easy. I guess i assumed it was more difficult since people cab'd it up #2. I'd still like to know if this is a simple fix
  11. Found the fix sorry.. i needed the HTCSensorSDK.dll in my windows folder. But now it seems that in game the sensor is sending the opposite values that it needs.(when i tilt the phone down, the ball rolls up) Any known fix for that?
  12. http://www.resco.net/games/windows/bubbles.aspx I loved this game on my i910 and i would like to know if there is some prerequisite i need to get it running on my i920. Here is a screenshot of what it does when i run it.
  13. 1. What all is involved in being able to map rotation to a hardware key, is it just a few registry keys? 2. I applied the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\OEM:SMSInboxThreadingDisabled=0 key to enable threaded messaging which makes a world of difference on AMD's ZeroStock. But I was wondering how i could change the colors of the text background and contact's name. Image attached BTW - I know of the cab files that let you map rotations the the hardware key, i would just like to better understand the phone
  14. hmm... just a quick response from someone who has used connected home would be nice.. don't be shy
  15. So.. when i got my i910 i was excited to see how well Connected Home worked.. well.. it didn't(for me). Then when i got my i920 i thought, well surely they've made some improvements to the app, but sadly i never got it to work. I would select the movie i wanted to play, on my PC over WI-FI, and it would always say "needs renderer" or something like that. On my i910 and i920 I mostly used cooked roms and for the most part Connected Home wasn't even cooked in, so i figured it was because everyone had bad luck with it just as i have. Even after searching online for reasons why it didn't work or how to correct the problems i never get a good answer. After upgrading to DG21 however, i was able to play around 50% of the movies i tried to play. So then I installed TVersity to see if the transcoding it does would improve that percentage and now i can play >90% with tho other movies saying "invalid resolution". So.. has this app ALWAYS worked this well or have they made improvements? Because it's always been an app that i was very disappointed in.

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