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  1. Grande Achado! Minhas roms deixaram de acontecer este problema quando passei a incluir o mesmo nelas, mas achei que não tivesse nada relacionado a isso. Parabéns!
  2. It's possible. But only running, android or other linux os. :lol:
  3. Hello There, i can give you a hand translating to portuguese too...
  4. Fala cara, p/ evitar isso basta ter o arquivo Imeibrazil.pfg da tim. Nas minhas roms isso n ocorre mais. Abração ;)
  5. Well, i'm kinda busy Atm with work and college but i'll try to update this topic asap. Remember, i'm only one. @Lupus, i'll update these versions.
  6. Dude, if you're trying to flash on Windows 7 it won't happen. I've got the same issue here when i try to flash the phone part.
  7. BRUNO ADLER V3.0 CHIMERA Lite Version => Added/Kept: Windows Live Messenger Office MaketPlace Games Favorite Hackings Donate App(PLEASE DONATE) Regedit CleanRam Jblend No Data Shake n Save Battery Icons High Res Icons Battery Improvement Msn Money Msn Weather SipChange FtouchSL Showcase Removed - Transcriber - Tvout - Tclock - SMart Reader - MS tag - Smart Converter - And many useless things. Download Below:
  8. Yeap, which makes the change of bricking higher once you're trying to update on a USB 1.0 port
  9. @Nioone Use youtubeplay application instead. @run Yes its possible. But as personalized rom. @Tjeutje Well, i don't get it at all. But you should use S2U2 instead of winmo's default lockscreen. I never had this issue. I'll be updating ALL roms this weekend. i'll Keep on touch guys
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