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  1. xmob

    New UK MVNO

    Until May. After that, it's still unclear.
  2. xmob

    New UK MVNO

    I'm surprised there hasn't been any mention of giffgaff on here. Giffgaff is a new MVNO supported by O2. It's a "community" operation. The users provide support etc. They even have the users doing the marketing. This keeps the costs down. giffgaff In return for marketing, you get a year a free unlimited calls, texts and Internet. They are doing this through a "Tool Hire" arrangement. Hire a tool, film yourself using it, upload it to YouTube and get rewarded. Tool Hire This my attempt with one of their available tools:
  3. I wasn't defending them, just pointing out that it isn't necessarily someone from the council. ;)
  4. Could be a public library. Many schools/libraries now VPN to the local council HQ and then out to the cloud via council controlled proxies.
  5. xmob

    3G Router

    If you have a spare WM handset kicking about take a look at: http://www.wmwifirouter.com/
  6. "How many hands does it take to handle a Whopper?" I loved some of those questions.
  7. "Scott me up, Beamie" "Ken sent me" Classic! :D
  8. It was me that wrote the "Niew ne ne" post. Too many beers, all confused. :D
  9. No, it isn't the Danger Zone one. It's the Joe Satriani one. Like this one: http://www.geocities.com/capecanaveral/gal...1868/topgun.mid
  10. Not the Danger Zone one. The other one. The the one that goes: Niew Niew Niew Ne Ne Ne Ne Niew
  11. I have a friend in Slovenia. Whenever I call him I have to listen to the Top Gun theme tune until he answers his phone. :D
  12. I'm not sure if that's a compliment, or not. :D
  13. This is a recent photo of my desk:
  14. This is pretty cool! I was just coming to the end of a Voda £50pm contract and was considering moving away to someone with better data offerings. Now, if only Voda would do a better selection of WinMo devices. <_
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