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  1. Looks very nice! Just to be sure, I have to install the UI to device memory, and not to My Storage. Is that correct? Thanks for your work!
  2. Looks like something to try. However, I see that step #2 in the MSkip upgrade process is "2. Uninstall Spb Mobile Shell and soft reset your device". How do I uninstall MS when it is cooked into this ROM? Or am I better off waiting for a newer ROM that includes the newer MSkip?
  3. Really liking the MS3.5 ROM!! I'm having the same issue as IML, where the original Contacts screen opens after unlocking. It happens only when I had to wake up the display first by pressing the front button, then unlocking with simple pin. Love the ROM!!!
  4. +1, same problem. I reformatted everything and flashed the ROM, and I get command prompt icons on the start menu instead of program icons. This is just for the apps I install after the fact, like Opera 9.7, YouTube, Skyfire ... Any ideas?
  5. I have to agree. The WinMo version is lightweight. I've gotten to the point where I use WinMo Facebook, Skybook, AND Facebook mobile web, and each has their seprate purposes. It would be nice to get them into one functional mobile client. The iPhone screen cap looks sweet.
  6. I'm picking up an Omnia i910 this Friday, as my first WinMo phone. Moving from BB -- can't wait! My tech experience tells me flashing to new ROM (CC20, then Wozzer's 6.5) is best to do before adding anything else to the new phone -- just flash the phone new and pristine as soon as it gets home from the Verizon store. That's what I'd do with a new PC, for example. Are there any reasons to install something else or do any config stuff BEFORE flashing the brand new phone? I assume no, but I don't want to miss something important. Thanks!
  7. My point as well. I guess I'm saying we can probably stop holding our collective breath waiting for VZW on this. I'm getting an Omnia later this week (when my NE2 discount kicks in), so I wanted to see whether I'd be better off waiting for VZW or going ahead and loading an unofficial ROM. Looks like waiting for VZW is no longer an option.
  8. I currently have a BB 8830, but plan to get an Omnia i910 as soon as my NE2 kicks on on May 22. The BB is still fine, just a little scratched. Where's a good place to try to get a few bucks for the BB? Any recommended steps to get the device ready to sell? I did do an unofficial upgrade of the 8830 to the BB 4.5 OS, which means two things: The phone may have a little "taint" (or advantage??) on the resale market, and It indicates that I'm already in the mod mindset, so I'm REALLY looking forward to getting a WinMo device and tweaking like crazy. I'm glad I found I found this place. <_<
  9. FWIW, here is how our VZW corporate account rep responded to my email asking about the GPS unlock, "Our Data Sales Manager anticipates this upgrade in mid part of Q3." That was May 13. I know all sorts of other reports are flying around, so thought I'd add this to the pile. <_< Thought that would be a good first post...
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