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  1. I can try and get a screenshot of the Directv app. I attached the cab here but without a Directv account it might not be of much help. I love the rom and don't want to go back but this is an app I use regularly during football season(not to mention I already paid for it!) and it not working is enough for me to need to switch back. Any help is appreciated. wmsup.cab
  2. Weird issue I'm having, not sure if anyone will be able to help. I use the Directv mobile app for the Sunday Ticket NFL games, and with this rom it refuses to let me log in, just stays at the login screen. It worked fine on the base rom before. Any ideas on what might be causing this?
  3. brainstorm03

    My goodbye

    Thanks Steele for all your hard work. Steel Sense was the first rom I flashed to on my O2, and was definitely one of my favorites. You were a big part of making this phone as good as it has been. Unfortunately I'm still a few months away from upgrading, but I'll definitely be moving to Android as soon as I can. Enjoy the new phone!
  4. Agreed, I've been using Motweets for a while and it's by far the best Twitter app I've used. There's a paid version but the free version is fine. There's maybe 1-2 ads at most whenever you open it, and they're not intrusive at all.
  5. My biggest interest in Connected Home is getting it to stream the content from my Directv DVR. It shows up but won't play when I try to open anything. Not much on my PC for me to stream off, but awesome that you got it working. Definitely a good start.
  6. I'm having trouble using Facebook with these ROMs. I can't sync through SPB Shell and the Facebook app only loads info the first time it's installed and then won't update at all. It's happened on both the Lite and Base ROMs. Any idea what might be causing this? I didn't install anything that I haven't used before and never had any problems with this. I absolutely love the Base ROM and would hate to have to switch. Other than that great work AMD, the Base is probably my favorite ROM so far on this phone!
  7. Agreed, I would've abandoned this phone a long time ago if not for them.
  8. I knew I was missing something! It worked perfect, thank you. The SMS issue was driving me crazy. The internet speed boost was just a bonus, works great.
  9. I'm still getting used to using the registry editing, so hopefully this isn't a dumb question. How do you install these edits? Or do I have to go in and change the current setting line by line?
  10. Any chance of getting a cab of the Phone Canvas in the Base Rom? I finally have my phone exactly how I want it with the Lite Rom and don't want to reflash for a little while, but I would prefer Phone Canvas over the Samsung or Windows dialers? Otherwise great Roms AMD, appreciate all your hard work.
  11. Didn't think of trying it like that. Thanks, worked perfect.
  12. Couldn't get it to work, couldn't find the lockscreen.exe. Set it to the ok button for now and it's working fine, so I'll keep it there until I figure it out. Thanks for the help.
  13. No problem, that makes sense. Is there a way I can assign it to the lock button without having to build my own ROM? I thought there was a thread on it somewhere but I'm having no luck finding it.
  14. Love this rom so far, tons of space and very fast. Just noticed there's no lock screen off of the lock button, just a blank screen. Any way to add one in, preferrably S2U2?
  15. Hopefully not a dumb question, but how did you install the updated CHT over the cooked in one? I tried and wouldn't install over the current one and completely screwed it up. When I deleted everything and restarted it went back to the original again.

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