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    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    It's simple really, there is only 1 USB port, and it can't simultaneously act as a HOST and a SLAVE, A HOST USB device can communicate with any SLAVE device plugged in, SLAVE devices are USB Sticks/HDD/Mouse/Keyboard. A PC runs it's USB ports as HOSTS for example, and so when you plug slave devices in, it can work with them.. The VEGA is by default a USB SLAVE, so it looks like a USB HDD when plugged into a PC.. As I said, it can't be HOST and SLAVE at the same time, so the new ROMs allow you to switch between HOST and SLAVE mode, done by holding the back button when you boot, other Android Tablets only dream of being able to be this configurable! See the first post or two, it details how to switch into HOST mode.. Hope that helps..
  2. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    I know why and when I donate to ROM developers, and tried to put that accross in my posts, there are many common mechanisms that are at play in the donation model, I can see user engagement as being the number 1 reason for me donating, it may be limited to me, but when you mentioned donations, and I see that you aren't engaging your users as well as could be, I just thought I'd mention it.. I'm extremely familiar with this scenario, and agree with a lot of it, and perhaps it's because of my experience with my own projects and engineers, but I do see different developers react differently, some will say 'it might be difficult and break something else', others say "I'll have a look at that and see if it's an easy fix or not', one is a negative reaction, the other more postive, neither are comitting to anything, but as a user, it's obvious which is preferable. This is the dilema, and why I don't do such things, there is a huge amount of upfront effort involved, and the motivation for putting that effort in is something I would struggle with to. With regards to donations, I do understand the model, It's very difficult to get any real level of donations, unless you can somehow engage your users so well that they have no course for complaint and want you to keep developing. I think for me personally, when a ROM has no real niggles that affect my daily usage, and each release just enhances performance/adds some small extra features, I naturally want to donate to keep that developer going.. When I have some niggles that affect my daily use of the ROM, and I'm not sure if they'll ever be fixed etc, then I don't bother, that may just be me, I don't know, but I do at least genuinely splash the cash, with over 30 donations to different developers, and I do buy 'donation' versions of some outstanding apps rather then the free ones, because I appreciate the effort, but only if they are bug free.. It's not the being paid that makes me behave this way, it's just who I am, I find the pride from doing a good job (whether paid or not) is my main motivation, if I do a good job I can be proud in, and people recognise that, I'm a happy person! Anyway, I've said more then enough, your work is very much appreciated by me, and the Vega would be a much poorer device without your efforts.
  3. phil-t

    Overclocking the Vega

    I believe the Kernel has to support overclocking, and I don't think Modaco R8 does. The main ROMs such as Corvus and as Lenny says, CM7 support it.. And for example, on Corvus, you need to drop the setCPU.txt file on the root of your SD Card, and install the setCPU app (Free if you join XDA-developer forums), then just run setCPU, and as mentioned, in the intial setup screen, the last choice in 'your device' is to manually set the device, which will then ask if you want to use the setCPU.txt, and off you go... :mellow:
  4. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    IMO, it's not about the asking for donations, it's about the reaction to people asking for minor things.. By mentioning donations, you seem to imply that if people donated, you might do more? or that's how it sounds.. 'Great' developers realise that if you pander to your 'customers' and get them on-board, the donations start coming in.. For example, take the Blue LED issue, lets say as a user it bothers me, and I come on here to post about if there is a fix.. take 2 scenarios, A. If the developer tells me it's minor, and haven't I read the first post, and not many people have donated etc, then it tells me he doesn't care about what is important to me, and hence why bother donating? B. If the developer acknowledges these things, tells me he'll possibly look to fix it shortly, spend 5 mins fixing a minor issue, when I see he's actually listened and gone out of his way to fix something that bothered me, then I get the impression he is genuinely interested in me as a customer, and I happily donate.. I find all the more successful ROMs on the phones are ones where the developers are more customer focussed, who see 'minor' annoyances as actually quite important to their 'customers', and by making their 'customers' happy, they get lots of people using their ROMs, and I assume the more people use a ROM, the more will donate. That's all IMO, I have to develop some very large engineering tools on Windows, which is quite tricky at times, and when I joined my current project, customer satisfaction was quite low, lots of minor issues, which all the developers ignored and thought the customers where just ungreatful. I turned this around and said that even a minor issue from a customers perspective is a failure on our behalf, and certainly not the customers fault, he won't ever see all the great technical effort we put under the hood, all the customer will see is these seemingly silly/minor issues and it will dis-engage them from our software. Well, all I will say is, that by treating any customer dissatisfaction as a failure of the developers, not only do they pay much more attention to getting all the minor detail as polished as the under the hood stuff, but also, when the customers notice that you are making things much better for them, the praise comes naturally, and customer numbers start increasing rapidly as it spreads by word of mouth... even though it's internal engineering tools for our company, I'm sure the same principles apply no matter what the scenario. The bottom line, make people happy by addressing a few silly minor things, and give people the feeling you are actively trying to improve it for them, and I'm sure praise and donations will flow nicely..
  5. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    When every post tends to start "Awesome ROM, best ever, but can you fix this minor item", you need to realise that's actually quite a compliment, you've got the fundamentals right, and people are overwhelmingly acknowledging this before asking for the minor 'perfection' kind of things.. So I don't agree with most of your post I'm afraid, especially bringing donations into it, but since you have, IMO, and I can't stress enough, IMO, what makes a ROM developer stand out and make themselves worthy of donation to ME (and I've donated well over £70 in the last 24 months to lots of developers/projects) is whether they put the effort into the 'detail' , i.e. they are striving for perfection and do take note/care about the minor things and give people 'options' to tailor these things how they like and fix all the minor stuff to help engage their potential customers (And the notion of a customer works for non commercial projects as well). Don't take this the wrong way, it's meant as constructive criticism, I'm a software developer myself (Not Android), and I've been through the mill with many developers in my life, and I've realised what key attributes seem to differentiate the good from the really great developers, and it's not all about who has the most technical skill..
  6. phil-t

    Android 3.0 for the Advent Vega

    A few of us where discussing this in the Corvus5 ROM Thread, and are trying different things to see if we can improve the situation. Might be worth keeping an eye in the thread, disabling WiFi whilst in standby is something we are trying different methods of doing etc, but it'll take a few attempts of trial/error to see what if anything might improve matters, the WiFi is one obvious thing, having that running all the time will eat the battery at a higher rate, the early ROMS seemed better in this manner, they famously didn't have the WiFi enabled in standby and certainly IME seemed to be very frugal in standby..
  7. phil-t

    Avoid Currys

    I think Curry's are OK, expecting a refund for no other reason buy you don't like it is a bit hard for them to process, you are better off using a legitimate 'fault' claim such as the jittery touch screen which is really an inherent fault, but IMO grounds to take it back under.. I bought a new Vega 2 days ago, and took it back twice in the first 24 hours, no quibbles, just swapped over for a new one.. Mind you, the ones I bought are all what I would class as re-manufactured, the first one had some light scratches on the back, lots of really bad finger marks etc, so I took it back, the second looked a bit better, but still obvious signs of some clammy/greasy fingers having being all over it, but it had a dead pixel, the third is cleaner, just greasy finger prints around the very obviously taken off and badly re-applied screen covering.. I think a lot of remaining stocks have been opened, flashed with 1.09 by some heavy handed/greasy fingered individuals, and then re-boxed. I can understand this to get the latest firmware on, they are borderline refurbed condition, but at £199, I guess you can't be too fussy, I was glad to just get one with a reasonable touchscreen performance, no dead pixels etc..
  8. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    That's how I left it this morning, manually turned off and left in standby.. :o Not sure if you really mean the roll-eyes, I just wanted to discuss it in-case anyone had experience of this facet of power saving... The first thing I looked for was the WiFi sleep policy, but couldn't find it, I've been searching around my Desire HD settings for 10 mins now, and just realised there is a 'Menu->Advanced' option under WiFi that has the sleep policy, and one of the options is 'When screen turns off'.. this is in Gingerbread, but I'm assuming it'll be there in Froyo, so that'll be my next avenue of attack..
  9. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    Funny you should mention setCPU, that was actually the first thing I tried, I had a profile in setCPU exactly as described (216 Mhz for both min/max), having a desire HD, you kind of have to learn about maximising battery life in Android! My first Vega (Had it up until Modaco R6) would easily do 3 days in standby with just a couple of hours per day web-surfing (screen brightness quite low).. It was actually very convenient, just charge it every few days, and can leave it in standby for instant on action.. I never once missed not having emails/weather etc updated whilst in standby, they just refreshed when I woke it up... In an ideal world, in a similar vein to CM7, it would be nice if ROM developers could offer several customisable options to allow different usage modes, but since these things are developed in peoples spare times, it's unreasonable to expect them to do anything, you just have to find a niche ROM that suits you..
  10. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    I thought as much, shame we don't have the 'option' to have it in a low power state when in standby, I'm happy for it to just sync data when I wake it up if it means I only need to charge it every 3 days if I just use it for a couple of hours each day... Perhaps neanderthals like me need to stick to more standard ROMs!
  11. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    I've noticed that leaving it overnight (6-7 hours) in standby, it seems to have used about 20% of the battery up, is this normal for this ROM? and is there anything I can do to minimise power usage when the tablet is in standby?
  12. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    I installed Corvus 5 on a fresh (new) Vega yesterday, The process was quite straight forward 1. I installed Clockwork Mod using the easy install in this thread, Here 2. I booted to recovery 3. I mounted the SD Card under Mounts and Storage, dropped the Corvus5.zip onto the root of the SD Card, and unmounted. 4. I Then did a Wipe Data (Factory Reset), Wipe Cache, then Advanced->Wipe Dalvik from the recovery menu 5. I then flashed the Corvus5.zip 6. And rebooted.. it came up with the linux penguins quite quickly, and booted in a couple of minutes after that.. It is important, like most ROM upgrades to wipe the data/cache/dalvik etc, and in some cases, I've even formatted the SD Card (Obviously you need to re-copy the rom zip file back on to it afterwards).. If you can detail what kind of process you followed like above, it might help to pin point a solution..
  13. phil-t

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    Just flashed this on a new Vega, and so far, it's very impressive!! Just one minor personal thing, and I really don't mean to offend, but I'm finding the neon notification icons a bit to much for me, I'm a bit sad in having very clean looking home screens etc, is there a way to just have something like the Honeycomb status bar icons, or the standard ones? I love the screen transitions etc, so don't want the full honeycomb theme etc. Sorry if that sounds ungrateful, I'm just a bit anal about having things understated and clean..
  14. I had one over the weekend, now returned this morning.. I loved most of HC, the notification bar, the app switching etc, all superb, even the nicer widgets are the reason I can't go back to iOS, but it still fell a little short.. I had Vega with Modaco Rom + Launcher Pro, and that was really nice, sizeable/scrollable widgets, very smooth transitioning, it was almost perfect as a tablet, bar the screen I guess, the Tranformer puts the build quality and screen right up there with anything on the market, but I just think HC needs some tweaks, it needs more widgets (and really resizeable ones), and it needs to optimise the smoothness of transitions between home screens (just a fraction too low frame rate), and the App Drawer animation/transistion was horrible on mine, about 20fps or less.. I did have a smidge of light bleed on the screen, and my right speaker was double the volume of the left, so that tipped me over the edge into returning, I was tempted to get an iPAD2 , I'm always amazed at how 'smooth' it all operates, but where I can't get on with iOS is the quite stale interface, I'm too used to the better widgets in Android, and of course, a decent flash browser works better for my needs..
  15. Battery Life was excellent on mine 7 hours of use and still above 10% over the weekend. Issues.. 1. A bit of backlight bleed, three points along the bottom, one on the bottom left, and a weird patch on the right, In daylight you'd not notice, but watching iPlayer in a dimmed room on an evening was quite distracting 2. My right speaker was much louder then the left by some margin.. 3. Sliding between screens wasn't silky smooth, a slightly low framerate effect, as was opening/closing the app drawer, this killed it a bit for me, I did turn off animations (Settings->Screen), and this did improve the homescreen transitioning, but anything that caused an overlay effect then sent it back to a lower framerate, going to a fulls screen app (e.g. just the settings would do) and then pressing home was enough to get it smooth again.. But after a couple of apps installed, it just wouldn't transition smoothly, if Paul can optimise that a bit, it'd go a long way, or maybe 1280*800 is asking too much of even the Tegra 2? 4. The nice new scrollable HC widgets aren't resizeable.. bit of a shame really. 5. A few normal Android apps seem to force close after being in the background for a while, I suspect most apps will need a few tweaks (and the new GB 2.3.1 is supposed to have some stuff it to let GB be more compatible with HC apps wise) HC as an idea is superb though, my god, the notification bar, the app switching preview thing, is just sublime, if someone can make it visually as smooth (high framerate) as an iPad, it really deserves to sell by the bucketload.. I did return mine today, but if it all gets tweaked/sorted over the coming months, I'll get another, this time with the dock..

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