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  1. Please explain where to do "press link folder and then chose data/data" What explorer do you use? ES or Astro? I have the same issue whe installing apk, as every apk I install small amount of internal mem goes,and soon after a while and dozen of apks l have no internal space.
  2. kronos1

    [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    Does This rom has multi language csc, specifically Serbian-Srpski language?
  3. kronos1


    Well this one worked on my x2 xperia...so you need registry editor and way you go try: Go to ftp\\registry\HKCU Change ALL the following to the value specified:HKCU/Control Panel\Phone\vol\65535 (General volume of the X2 including microphone input!) HKCU/ControlPanel/SoundCategories/Attentuation\All to 5 HKCU/ControlPanel/SoundCategories/InCall/InitVol\5 HKCU/ControlPanel/SoundCategories/Ring/InitVol\5 Soft-reset Press the volume up key and set it to the 5th indicator (Max) Press volume up key 1 more time, and you will hear an additional beep 200% louder and the indicator marker remains the same at the 5th marker on the top. This means you have sucessfully tweaked your volume! Do again while u are calling and talkin with some one- in-call- like u did in abowe "Press the volume up key and set it to 5th...."and congrats!
  4. This is simple as it gets..l need to reset cumulative call timer. l need a clean call timers to all zeros. Has any one tried with registry tweaks or so? l have tried in registry...key_local_machine/software/microsoft/shell/cumulativecalltimers/line_0 and still nothing happens.try to put outgoingvoicephonelifetime on 0-zero and nothing it returns me to same as it was before.. l need an expert or any help in matter of this... when l press green dial and menu and tools and call time it only gives me option to reset resent cellular calls and all calls are not possible to reset..
  5. kronos1

    [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    l dont know is this offtopic but l have only one question does acer with this new rom have ability to send files over bluetooth?
  6. odlicne teme,omnia se polako dovodi do savrsenstva, good job
  7. so KC can you explain what exactly has pp4 pp8 pp12 on phone? in theory what is changing and what is supposed to be better?
  8. video playback has a slite drop,but video record has somthing like frame missing so then video looks like something was cut from it,l belive that 8pp is the best...so l am going to test a ROM with 8pp next
  9. 2 bugs found on 21820 8pp, after receving sms phone did not stop vibrating(this hapend 1 time) second bug is in reeving call after pressing dial button phone continuous ringing and touchscreen became non respond eve ...only way is to soft reset, this issue happened to me on long time ago ROM 21xxx...so is it bad flash or bug?
  10. It is working on 21820 8pp and l am testing this rom so if sofar the video has more smoother performance and scrolling true menu is flawless and fast....
  11. Find Samsung Keybord cab in this subforum,and install it...then you will have big keys
  12. There will be no 21812 because 21806 has just little deference than succeeder, so dddrko will update ROMs on this forum but only if he has time, so far this is it... In case somebody need cab for removing sim contacts and only phone contacts stay visible this is it,try it...work fine on mine,only when you want to remove sim please copy all contacts from phone to sim. This is ussefull cab test it and big thanx to dddrko for provide me and all of you this cab. HTC_Sim_Manager.cab
  13. 31. Omnia Lite ROM base DXID1 build 21806 with 12 MB pagepool l have tested this one,it is very fast indeed, typing sms is flawless scrolling true menu and opening apps is ok,but one big bug is when l receive sms and touch "reply" after finishing my answer l touch "send" and phone sends 2 sms insteed one,2 indentical sms,and l recieve two indentical sms confirmation sms,that it has been delivered,so that is bug. now l am testing 21812 and so far it is stable,and still l am annoyed because damn mms is still resizing image too much..but l guess no cook can fix that well my 21812 is in the phone and same bug,sending again 2 sms ,grrrrr still testing this bug,maybe is network operator problem...l will reply when l finish
  14. thanx,please post here when we can start downloading again...

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