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  1. @Matchstick, absolutely. I forgot to mention I purchased my UK maps on CoPilot via iOS, and only realised after purchasing US maps for CoPilot on Android that my UK maps were still available via the same CoPilot username I'd setup previously. (oh ok, in all honesty, I thought it was a mistake, but I kept quiet about it) With TomTom, I've already had to buy it 3 times, twice with Windows Mobile as you could only use your activation key on x amount of phones, of which, I updated mine regularly, and once again for iOS. I don't particularly want to buy it again. As much as I like the idea of using my phone for everything, GPS is a battery drainer, and I am tempted to buy a standalone Sat Nav unit.
  2. I had TomTom on iOS for years and it was brilliant. Before that, used it on Windows Mobile. I wanted the same for Android since buying HTC One but the user reviews on Play Store indicate it's very poor compared to iOS version,with constant crashes, long loading times and intermittent voice/muting issues so I declined. CoPilot was cheaper, comes with 1 year free traffic updates, and works just fine in both US and UK as I bought both versions (US maps were £7). Plus, with CoPilot, you can buy US or European maps, but choose to install only certain States/Countries saving disk space.
  3. Thanks everyone for their replies and I apologise for not responding sooner, as I assumed I'd receive an email notification when my post was responded to I'll give your suggestions a go and report back Thanks again
  4. Is there really a need for a tablet to be waterproof?
  5. I apologise if this has already been answered elsewhere but I can't find a solution. I have the HTC One which I've not rooted. I want to use custom notification sounds and not one of the fruit n veg named sounds HTC provide but I can't seem to do it. I've copied my custom sounds to /sdcard/Notifications, /sdcard/Ringtones, /sdcard/Media/audio and rebooted, but none of them show up in the list for "Notifications". Incidentally, Ringtones is not an issue as there is a "+" button where you can add your custom ringtones, but for notifications, there is nothing. Has anyone managed to do this?
  6. From a customer point of view, that's how PAYG should be. Well done Three
  7. Did Modaco review the HTC One Paul? I can only find reviews of the "One X" and "One X+" (With this many models, why are they called "one" ?) :-) Although I've read reviews elsewhere, and as a Modaco reader for years, I would love to read about why you at Modaco feel this is the best device on the market. Thanks
  8. I assume for the HTC One that Zoe (plus other camera features), Beats Audio and the IR blaster would not work on stock ROM without some additional software?
  9. I read HTC would be releasing the stock ROM for unlocked bootloaders. It would be good if Sense/Touchwiz could be an optional "launcher" add-on for those that want it. At least then we wouldn't have to wait for HTC/Samsung to release the Android updates
  10. I wonder if the HTC One from the play store is "flawless" in build quality department. I bet returning it would be a nightmare, if not. :)
  11. I feel your pain. I'm on my second HTC One. The first I bought the day before I went on holiday, the white one. Used it on holiday and took some excellent pictures and video on it (I'm very pleased with the camera). Then on the way home, I noticed the screen gap at the top on one side. You could run your finger nail down it. Now, I'd been abroad for two weeks, so when I got home the 14 day money back/grace period had gone. I looked on t'interweb and found many unsatisfied One owners regarding this gap and build quality, with some saying the black one doesn't have this problem. I went to Carphone Warehouse to exchange it and I had a different experience to "Michelle My Bell" above, They just weren't convinced this was a fault. They checked their demo unit, same issue, and they also opened a black version in the shop and this had the same problem, in fact, the quality on that one was very poor, plastic blobs, visible glue down one side, sim tray was not flush, power button lop-sided and the gap issue. The guy just would not accept that was a fault. They said they could not swap it for a black as it's not "like for like" and it's over 14 days old, so the system wouldn't let them. They said I could have another white one, but only if I promise not to try and return if that had the same problem. They weren't going to open any more boxes to check the build so I said I'd take it further up the chain. They made me think I was making a fuss over nothing, despite the fact I paid what I feel is a large amount of cash for a SIM free version, no contract, superb quality phone and wasn't happy with the sub-standard one i'd received. In the end, I had to call their Customer Services to get them to approve a black replacement on their system Once they did, I went to a diff Carphone Warehouse branch and finally got the replacement phone, which fortunately for me, and them, happened to be a flawless one when they opened it. I dread to think what they'd have said if that one was crap too. I still have the white box and charger as they weren't allowed to give me the black box due to their returns policy. Instead they gave me a receipt to show the IMEI number change. I'm frustrated not only because of the after sales service I received from Carphone Warehouse, but with HTC too as they're advertising a supreme build quality that is just not evident on the devices in the shops. I can understand the odd duck every now and again, but if most of their devices are like this, something is wrong, and they should be recalled. The fact they're cellophane wrapped is seen as good as it's not been touched since leaving the factory but this restricts the shops from checking them before sale. It's as if HTC are skipping Quality Control in order to meet the large demand. I even called HTC, and they made out they'd never heard of the "gap" issue. A quick google search on "HTC ONE build quality flaws" and there's loads of unhappy customers but they're either dismissing these as the minority, or somehow they're unaware of the problem, which I found very hard to believe. Another reason I'm a bit gutted is if I come to sell this in the future, I now have to explain why it's a black phone in a white device's box and why the IMEI numbers don't match. It's a shame this has happened. It's a great phone, brilliant in fact, but I agree with the author of this article, it's russian roullette to find a flawless one. Even now, although I seem to have found a rare decent one on the outside I'm a little paranoid that I may still find I hit one of the other, internal faults that have been reported such as faulty speakers, dead pixels etc. I've not got piece of mind at all which you can accept when buying pre-owned, but not when buying brand spanking new from a retailer. EDIT: Oh, and while I'm on my soap box about HTC, why is 4.2.2 update taking so long, eh?
  12. Nice review. I initially felt the Surface tablets would be a promising alternative to the Android tablets/iPads out there but now feel disappointed. Perhaps the upcoming Windows Surface Pro tablets would address some of the concerns if it weren't for the hefty price increase. One very small criticism/correction in your review... Are you sure you have "portrait" and "landscape" in their correct place in this sentence? :)
  13. I'm not keen on the bright colours either. Besides, you need to take into account your personal choice of colour will limit it's saleablity in the future as it may not appeal to others. Personally, I think it's better for the vendor to sell the black/white phones, and let the buyer fit a coloured case to it. A generic colour will appeal to more people when it comes to selling it. Either that or bring back the switchable covers to personalise them like the old Nokias.
  14. The name's Paul, and I love all gadgets that make my life easier. Most memorable drive, well if I were to pick one, it would be on one of the most important days of any man's life, getting the heavily pregnant missus to the ward in time. It was an ordinary morning, I was working from home on the days leading up to the expected date, and was awoken to a grunting/coughing/choking sound. Now I know what you're thinking, but no it wasn't her, it was our pet border collie who'd swallowed a bit of string from the rope toy she was chewing. The wife was breathing quite heavily at that point, but she said she was fine so we agreed we had to take the dog to the vet. I say "We", but it was "me". The vets is only down the road, but by the time we got there, without going into detail, let's just say the dog wasn't very well on the journey and lost control of its bodily functions. Anyway's, I left the boot open for it to air a bit, and got the dog to the vet who checked her over. They said the incident in the car on the way over must've cleared up whatever it was she was choking on, so all great. Phew! Or so I thought. The mobile rang, and after a few seconds, I was about to hang up on what I thought was some pervert heavily breathing down the line, when I realised it was the missus, and was past the "early signs" of labour and wanting to go to the hospital. I made a quick call to the "in-laws" to check their availability for "dog sitting". Now, I said "sitting"!!!, although with what had happened in the boot that morning, I could've easily said something else, ahem. They also lived round the corner from us, so after dropping the dog off, I rush home, and gently put the missus in the passenger seat, and set off towards the hospital. "Deep breaths" I said before showing her what I mean. We were both inhaling deeply, before the wife, after almost throwing up, asked about the pungent aroma in the back of the car. We wound the windows down, and continued on the journey. I'd done this route many many times, but for the life of me, I don't know why I decide to do a left a the wrong roundabout. Whether it was the aroma in the car, or the carbon dioxide the wife was exhaling with her breathing exercises, I don't know, but what they say about heavily pregnant womon is true, I was called something I'd thought I'd never hear from my wife's pretty, tender little lips. Any other day I would've been deeply offended, but it shocked me to the point, I had to get my act together. I turned around, and finally remember the way. We made it to the hospital with no subsequent mis-haps, thank goodness. It would've made it more memorable if it had, but I think this was bad enough. Needless to say, the mid-wives checked her over and said she was still "not ready for delivery", so they sent us home. I won't go into the details, but the journey home was just as bad. It was another few hours and several phone calls later to the "labour ward" before we could finally do the trip again, but I did managed to get the car cleaned prior to that journey. It was a stressful day to say the least, but 30 hours after that, we were rewarded with, our first son. The pressures of that day just didn't matter after that. Any parent reading this would agree that you're lost in the magic and wonders of life at that moment, full of joy and happiness and nothing else matters. My subsequent memorable drive was bringing my wife and son home a few days later where our life as parents started. We have two boys now and have since had many more memorable journeys.
  15. Slightly off topic here, so apologies in advance, but it's rumoured O2's exclusivity with the iPhone ends 9th October. Normally with network locked phones, the network charge a small fee to unlock the device if you want to leave and use your phone (which you've now paid for) with another network. Wishful thinking I know, but anyone reckon O2 will do this, or be forced to? Some of us on a contract ending soon may wish to move to another network, especially being as the 3G coverage with O2 is utter sh**e. We want to unlock it permanently as opposed to relying on TurboSIMs or a Dev Team software hack each time a firmware update is out. I think it's locked on the baseband chip itself, so unlock codes are out of the question, unless Apple plan to end all network exclusives in the future, and via a firmware update, offer the ability to network unlock devices via a pin code, just like every other device out there. I just want to use the device to it's full potential, i.e have 3G coverage at least where I live, and I think there's more dodgy hardware unlock solutions than there are genuine ones so difficult to find a place that would do it properly.
  16. I don't use Push email or Exchange, but I'll provide my experience with Synching. iPhone and iTunes synching with Outlook, I've had no end of trouble. 1. I had to purchase Outlook 2003, as my 2002 version that came with some of my old Windows Mobile devices just didn't work with the iPhone 2. It doesn't just work, well not for me anyway, after a many days experiencing software hangs synching Contacts, killing Outlook and AppleDeviceManager processes, it suddenly just started working, no idea why, and has been synching ever since. Perhaps it was the later version of iTunes that did it. God knows 3. I can no longer Hibernate my laptop, and 5 times out of ten, can't shut it down either. This is because of the connection between iTunes and Outlook which never seems to die, even after exiting Outlook and iTunes, and disconnecting the phone. There's always a rogue process there that either slows my laptop down to a near halt or prevents it from shutting down - If I don't load iTunes, it's shuts down and hibernate fine. Nokia and PC Suite synching with Outlook - Where do I start? Atfer numerous posts on the Nokia Support Discussions pages, I still never got to the bottom of it. Synching either wiped both my phone, and Outlook Contacts list, or adding duplicates/triplicates in both of them WM and ActiveSync, yes, it had it's issues, but compared to the above, it was far more stable. After years building up Contacts, Bookmarks, and Calendar entries on Outlook I need a device that can use all that data. Numerous WM devices have managed to inherit all that data fine (a few hiccups, but nothing too major), but as soon as I moved away from Windows Mobile , my synching problems began and are still haunting me. You can do more with your device using iTunes than you could with ActiveSync, but I take back all I said about ActiveSync. With the amount of different WM devices out there, it does a damn good job.
  17. Yes, well, in my opinion, Apple aren't that perfect. I bought the 3G as soon as it came out as Steve Jobs announced it had 3G and built in GPS. I thought great, the two things my 1st gen iPhone didn't have. Advertising built-in GPS on the iPhone is one thing, but six months since it's release (ok, 4 months) we're still waiting for some sort of useful Sat Nav software it. All it's good for at the moment is to pin-point your current location and tell you where the nearest coffee bar is, and it even needs network access to download the Google maps too. I say a big sarcastic "whoopee doo". All the new Windows Mobile devices with built-in GPS either have some sort of Sat Nav pre-installed, or have a choice on which one to purchase, TomTom, CoPilot, Garmin etc. At least with those, you know exactly what you're getting, and don't have to wait all this time to actually make full use of some of its advertised features. Plus, the maps are pre-installed, so can be used in those locations where network signal is low, and no need to download constantly when on the move. I personally feel a bit cheated by Apple because of this. OK, they're constantly ironing out those little bugs, but come on Steve Jobs, let TomTom release that iPhone version we all know they've got working, and let us use this device to it's full potential, i.e the same potential some of these new Windows Mobile devices, such as the Omnia, can do out of the box.
  18. I thought the iPhone and iPhone 3G already had an ARM chip. 620mhz ARM CPU but locked at 412mhz to conserve the battery life
  19. Current Mobiles: iPhone 3G (8GB Black) and O2 XDA Orbit What I like about it: Does nearly everything I want, Phone, Email (corporate and personal), Camera, Internet, VPN, VNC, SSH, MP3, MP4 , Games and other Apps (Shazam - Brilliant!) . UI is lovely, fits nicely in pocket, and easy to remove from pocket. What I don't like about it: Slippery little sucker, like a wet soap. It has built-in GPS that can't be used yet as a Sat Nav. Why???. Still having to use Orbit for CoPilot and CamerAware. Previous devices: iPhone (8GB), Nokia N95 8GB, Toshiba Portege G500, QTEK 8500 StrTrk, Motorola MPX 220, Orange SPV E650 (HTC S710), Orange SPV C500, Motorola MPX200.... and there's a lot more but not worth the mention... Future Mobile : My ultimate device would be something that does everything I need, and can work around the world without paying high roaming charges, or the need to swap sim cards or carriers. That must mean a Satellite phone with decent camera, video camera and flash, that does everything Omnia, Experia or iphone 3G does, but stores a lot more, runs much faster, a lot smoother, lasts longer and costs less :lol:
  20. I wonder what commission they'll take. With Apple, users can't get Apps from anywhere else, besides jailbreaking the phone and adding repositories to the installer, so the AppStore works. With Windows Mobile, there's endless locations from where you can get Applications, and if the likes of Microsoft and Handango will be taking a huge chunk of the sales as commission, then IMHO I think it will put many developers off
  21. Sweeeet. This one does indeed seem to have it all. Do CoPilot/TomTom etc run ok on a VGA device?
  22. I agree with the concept of this feature but it should be made clear to all iPhone users whhen they connect to the AppStore. It's the same principle as a Product Recall so a user should have the option whether to enable or disable this feature and also if any app was removed/recalled, all buyers should get a full refund.
  23. GTS Racing Full details on the Astraware website here: http://www.astraware.com/iphone/featured/g...e=0218-000-0609 Extract here: Enjoy the thrill of classic arcade-style racing with GTS World Racing. Select your car, race your opponents, set the fastest laptimes, and burn rubber to gain championship victory! Accelerate, brake and steer using the accelerometer around 64 track layouts, across 16 worldwide locations, and choose from 3 car types and 4 difficulty levels! 4 play modes: * Single Race - check out the tracks and practice your skills before heading for the main event * Challenge Cup - race at all 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position for your chosen difficulty * Grand Tour - complete all 64 tracks in 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position in each race * Championship - complete the full 16 race season and score the most points to win! GTS World Racing includes an exhilarating music soundtrack, or play your own music from the iPod within the iPhone. No official release date yet, but according to Tech Digest, it could be in AppStore this weekend
  24. Wouldn't it be cheaper to answer the call, and ask "who's calling?" :D
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