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  1. Poxa, que maravilha um BR fazendo ótimos lançametos por aqui!! Fazendo um ótimo trabalho Cabeça. Continue assim :huh: Abraçoo
  2. Nice ROM! Keep doing and let's start finding bugs with this b7300 ROM :) Cya
  3. Hi OCK and Comunity of Modaco! I'm a fan of you OCK.... Yours ROMs are always brilliant! I like to ask about this: http://www.handy-faq.de/forum/samsung_i900...m_firmware.html It's from our friend Jn Foundain... What you think about? I'ts possible to have this on OMnia? Its seems very beautiful... Thanks!
  4. i908 ZUIF2 Vs. XBIJ1 WM6.5.X 23563 JN Foundation Titanium + Ock's rlToday 20.05.10 PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzz
  5. If is not TOO for you, you could make a ROM for youw kitchem and release here to us try it :(
  6. This GTX Theme is Amasing!! Thanks OCK! One question: How can i modify the color of the text of the M2D to black? I've put another wallpaper and the color ir white. Any possibility? Thnaks!
  7. Hello OCK! It's a ask but you consider cook a 6.1 ROM with all your knowledge? Thanks
  8. Hi OCK! First, i would like to thank you for your job. I very likely with my phone, but the camera :S But not a problem with the ROM, but with the quality of the photo. very dark or with no nice colors. I'm using your M2D Classic ROM, with i have discovered a new way to use my I900 on my way to use it: Music, few photos, the phone, calendar, Wi-fi, and others things. I have to say that no problems. Fast, simple and very responsiveness. So, the porpose of this reply is only to thanks you ;) Keep your working and very thanks to make I900 users happy ;) A little question: What do you think about 6.1 ROM? I know that it is more "ugly" than 6.5 at all. But seems to all work with it, i think. I would apreciate you opinion to this.
  9. Hello EveryBOdy! This rom is perfect! Best i ever used for 6.1 WM. But i'm having some problem... I cant change the Theme from my ROM, like Pureblack that is cooked inside. I select it but nothing changes. Anyone having this??
  10. Ohhh, nice reply Rendeiro! I will try what you said and give my feedback! Really Thanks
  11. Rendeiro, could you share your theme? It's Wonderful and is something like Portuguese! Plzzzzzzz
  12. Ohh, really thanks for your share. i'm working alot and i don't have enough time to test and enjoy my Omnia :'( But as soon as i test i will reply here. Cya Bro
  13. Ohh, Thx Sinan for your ROMs. I've tryed alot of ROMS. 6.5s and 6.1s. And my conclusion is the 6.1 s more stable and faster than 6.5s. Really thx. ElArcangel, you could share your reg files <_< We will be very glad with your work :mellow: P.s. Sorry for the english...
  14. Ftouchsl, touch response, s2u2 is nice too, wow hd... But programs that everyone can install by themself... Your ROM don't have BUGs! Nothing important, for me, is missing... Really Thanks!
  15. Nice Rom NarutoDKz! No bugs atm... using it for 2 days. Thanx for your ROMs! Keep Working :) P.s. Some hi-res icons would be nice :)
  16. Same Error. File Corrupted. I have tryed with both 7Zip and Winrar. Same Problem. Try uploading in another server. Thans for the ROM! Waiting :D
  17. Ohh Yeah! Nice Screen! One thing that i think is that the font of the ROM. It a kind dificult to read. But is nice too. Thanks for you work and keep doing it! Thanks Thanks Thanks (Sorry for the english)
  18. Plzz Krazy... Where are you? I'm very interested in your ROM. But german is dificult for me. Have you developing a english version of your ROM? Thanx and Sorry about my english :)
  19. Ryrzy, thanks for your ROM! All works, really beutiful and stable. PERFECT! Continue doing this excellent job. Nice Nice Nice!!!
  20. Hello Everybody! I have only one problem. I can't send SMS. I write the SMS and when i press send, The Omnia hangs and have to restart it by the button on the side of the Power Button. I have installed that CAB provided in the first topic. Have solution?
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