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  1. i bought the ZeroLemon 2300mAh recently - same physical size but much better battery life.
  2. I took the plunge and bought an HD2. It's been a couple of weeks now and I have nearly got it set up just the way I want. Tried latest offical ROM, but switched OzROM 5.20 WWE and then updated the radio to which seems to have solved battery problems. I'm a fan of Spb Mobile Shell and am running MSkip Windows Phone 7 Theme, with the addition of a couple of extras. Now looks and functions like WP7. My only gripe concerns the keyboard. I have big fingers and I really miss the stylus from my i900. Have tried SPB's keyboard as well as Swype - but my big fingers still get in the way.
  3. Another vote for OzROM here. Only recently acquired my HD2 (previously an Omnia i900). Loving the extra real estate and the questions it attracts from other mobile users. Tried the latest official WWE ROM, then started installing progs - nearly ran out of space. Then I installed OzROM and haven't looked back. Couldn't get MMS to work with the official ROM - it worked out of the box with OzROM. Also have heaps of space left for more progams. Had problems initially with my battery, but this seems to have been resolved by updating to Radio I should also mention I am a big fan of Spb Mobile Shell and have installed this together with mskip's MSkip Windows Phone 7 Theme. All looks and functions now like WP7. I'm happy.
  4. Just to close this off. Tried another download of same version and it works fine. I think the first one did not support WQVGA?
  5. I'm looking at switching to the HD2 too. I love my i900 Omnia especially sincing flashing a new ROM and adding SPB Mobile Shell with mskip's great WP7 skin. But my poor old Omnia is starting to show its age. Everyone has an iPhone and I'm not everyone and you probably all feel the same way too. I like the look of the Galaxy S but Android is not mature and neither I'm guessing is WP7 yet either? I'm attracted by the HD2 because as a piece of hardware it's right up there, but I can keep on using WM which means I can keep on using all the great apps that are available and freely downloadable, especially Igo8 which I use all the time. I understand that later when it becomes more mature I can reflash it with Android if I want anyway? I assume that all I have to do to unlock the HD2 once I get one is flash a new ROM like I did with my Omnia? In Australia Telstra offers a NextG version called HTC TOUCH HD2 T9193 (with GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, 3G 850 (NextG/US3G) and 3G 2100). I assume that it will also work with 3G Vodafone downunder once it is unlocked? One other questions for Omnia/HD2 owners. I'm hoping the HD2 doesn't suffer from the Omnia's hit and miss Wi-fi problems. I have rarely managed to get my Omnia to connect with my Billion router at home.
  6. It's all good except maybe for the battery life. I'm not saying power consumption is bad but I'm not saying it's good either. It's like you said Andrew - you can't have good reception without sacrificing some battery. By the way which other parts support 3G?
  7. XBIC1. So far so good. Good reception, good call quality, quick GPS fix, 3G works - let you know how the battery goes. This could be the one?
  8. Just installed. I'll let you know what I think.
  9. I wish there was a Radio part that combined the GPS fix speed of ZHIE1 with 3G? Battery is good, signal strength is good, call quality is good, just no 3G . . .
  10. Looks great but when I try to install this I keep getting error messages about Button PNGs missing and S2U2 won't start?
  11. Excuse my ignorance but can you cab this up?
  12. I'm using DJ_Pete_iLock_WQVGA. Sometimes it takes several tries to unlock the screen. To get it to work you have to push the slider right over to the side of the screen and hold it there for a few seconds before it will unlock. Does anyone else have this problem?
  13. It would be good to compile a list of which parts support 3G and which specific bands? I think one post said JJIA1 was the only one that supported all of the bands. 3G can be important if you travel and visit places like Japan where you get no reception unless you have 3G?
  14. Okay. Give it a score out of 10 for each of these and then a total out of 30? Then the OP will have to keep a running total as part of the first post?
  15. I think the poll is too simplistic. You need to rate them from best to worst, in this instance 1-7, because it varies from person to person depending on their needs and location. For example ZHIE1 is superfast for GPS, but not so good as say DXIF1 for phone reception. If fast GPS is what you want then you're going to vote for that one - but DXIF1 is arguably a better ROM?
  16. Yeah folder path as above is fine? I have it installed to My Storage from where my current version has been running without any dramas?
  17. For me, my choice of upgrade will largely depend on what phone I can get that will run Igo8. Apart from the phone itself amd possibly the camera, it is the one app that I use more than anything else. Igo is better than any other satnav app and I especially like the ability to add speed cameras. My family and I are currently with Vodafone but it looks like I have missed the boat in terms of the HTC HD2 which would have been my first choice. The Galaxy looks great but I am worried about moving from an OS that I know and understand and as far as I'm aware there is no port of Igo for Android yet? Anyone have any recommendations in this context? PS. I note Galaxy has a 1500mAh battery. You would have thought they'd given it more oomph because it's going to be working harder?
  18. Does anyone have this version of Igo8 working on their phone. I have tired but without success. It either fails to load or loads and then keeps restarting. I have tried various sys.txt files and different data and branding zip files, but all with no success? I am starting to think my problem may be device specific? The version I have now ( Nov 3 2009) works perfectly with the following sys.txt file: [device] type="SGH-i900" [folders] app="My Storage/iGO8" [interface] vga=0 resolution_dir="400_240" [rawdisplay] highres=0 [interface] shutdown_time=0 ;disables shutdown when external power is disconnected maxzoom2d=6000000 show_exit=1 defaulttilt3d=7600 [navigation] show_current_city=1 show_countrychange=1 [roundaboutcam] enabled=0 centery=50 [debug] disable_outlookpoi=1 skip_eula=1; jumps license (top view) enable_roadshadow=1 tts_min_ready_wav="1"; settings TextToSpeech tts_getaway_time="100"; settings TextToSpeech tts_expected_engine_delay=1400; settings TextToSpeech sound_q_length="200" no_file_cache="1" reserve_memory=2500000 cache=262144 ;4096 [sound] queue_length=200 [msnd] msnd.start=0 [tts] tts_buffer=131072 announce_exit_directions=1 tts_logics=3 priority="HIGH" always_say_road_names=1 announce_street_name=1 skip_exit_numbers=0 announce_exit_direction=1
  19. 1. SPB Mobile Shell 2. Mskip WP7 theme 3. Igo8 4. Thumbcal 5. Nitrogen
  20. Well, I liked the look of mobilesense, but I've moved on to mskips' Windows Phone 7 theme. Great look and great functionality too - a no brainer. . . . http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=649362
  21. There must be something wrong with the version I got. I can install okay, but when I install the English cab (following the instructions installation order) it screws up the sidebar menu. The other thing i am having a problem with is widgets. When I add one it defaults to underneath the sidebar menu where it is not accessible. Did you encounter either problem?
  22. The heart thing links to your favourite contacts. I just installed this on my Omnia i900 and finding it frustrating. When you add widgets they disappear under the side menu bar and you can't get to them or delete them. Also had a problem with the convert to English cab. When you enable it the size of the sidebar shrinks to another resolution. Otherwise seems really nice.
  23. I tried to register on the French site but keep getting an error. The other link gets me to page where it tells me I have exceeded the number of pages I can view. Very frustrating!
  24. Hi, I am using Shokka's SHKv23L_23060 ROM (DXIA2/DXIDI). I am happy with battery life and GPS, but my reception is sometimes poor. Should I update the phone part and if so which version should I use? Thanks in advance.
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