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  1. Which market? the Himarket that comes with the rom or the real Android market? I installed Android market but was not able to install anything, it just hangs at 'starting download'... market can however allow me to find and install all the apps you mentioned, opera mini, whatsapp, etc.... It just won't actually install !
  2. Not yet tried that, I think I'll give that a go. BTW, I've resolved my google login problem - just don't use the Baidu keyboard, somehow I won't be able to login with that keyboard, but the original Android keyboard works. Now I'm on Google Market, I can see all the apps but can't download any. It just says it is downloading but nothing happens....
  3. No I haven't tried that version, I'm referring to the original ghost version.
  4. I think this is the best Android version as of today, as long as you can put up with the Chinese items, which will not go away even if you change the language. Personally, I would say that this is the only rom that is working.... the previous versions are all too laggy to be useful in the real world, this one is smooth enough to really use it everyday. It is not fast by any means, but at least I haven't come across a situation where even calling up the phone sometimes take 5 seconds when it lags. It works like a real Android phone with a slow CPU. The only downside with Chinese custom roms is there is no Market. Is there a way to put Market back? I tried put Vending.apk to work but it can't autenticate my google accoount, always saying it can't establish a reliable data connection to the server. I tried changing the Googleservicesframework.apk and it is even worse, the Market won't even come up if I changed the version, any ideas?
  5. The 64m for radio refers to the phone reception radio, not FM radio. You need the phone to function, right?
  6. Nope, I've already been booting a hundred times, I used it for over a few weeks already, it won't appear, I think the partition number is really wrong [EDIT] Never mind, I got it now. For some reason, the partition becomes mmcblk1p1, I just guessed starting from 0 and got it working at p1.
  7. I have a problem - not able to access my internal memory. My installation is on sdcard, and I can see my sdcard's fat32 partition under mnt/sdcard. However, nothing appears under \storage. I looked into the init.rc, \storage is mapped to mmcblk1p5. I don't know if it has anything to do with I previously installing on internal and wiped the partition via minitool. I think the partition is not p5 now, that's why I see nothing under \storage. How can I tell what partition number my internal storage in under now? I don't see the info under minitool.
  8. I think this has to do with our extremely small available memory of 128m. Even though you set it to lock, if it really runs out of memory, android system will kill the app. I think the option is just to keep the process in the lowest priority when it comes to killing it, so it'll stay in memory longer than without the option, but if the inevitable comes, it'll still be killed.... someone correct me pls if I'm wrong
  9. Happens to me sometimes as well, unfortunately there's nothing you can do except to pull out the battery and reboot. I reckon this is to do with compatability of sd cards. For me, installation to internal storage is most stable, I've never once hang on boot with installation to internal. Now I'm on sd card, one out of 3 to 4 reboots I'll get hang on the o2droid logo, 2nd time reboot will be ok though.
  10. Thanks! I didn't realise before we'll need an ARM version of flash player, no wonder all versions from market doesn't work. The ARM version does work for CM6, although as expected it is very slow.
  11. sorry if it has been answered before, is there any way to make flash player working? nothing from v10.2 to v11.1 works, it always gives message 'application not installed'.
  12. searching this forum will help....use the right column function 'search' to search within this topic, just type 'clock'.... I know, because I asked this question in this topic before.... now to put it simple, the solution : 1) set your winmo timezone to dublin (GMT+0) and set the correct time in your own time zone 2) after that, the time will not move even if you reboot
  13. 1) it is your attitude that is the problem - you've asked the same question a number of times which is totally unnecessary 2) don't write in chinese, and don't write in english either if you can't spell properly 3) I'm a chinese myself, don't reflect badly on our race
  14. I did the update manually using Terminal Emulator within Android, just grant SU rights and use cp command to copy. It'll work that way.
  15. On Chinese Input, I can add to it that HKIME also works with CM1, in case some of you like me input in cantonese pingyin. Now if only I can get flash player to work on CM1, I'll have nothing more to demand from this CM1 version..... I know flash will be slow, but at least I wanna give it a try Ah, one more... the screen alignment is a bit off, mostly on the extreme left and right positions, sometimes pressing on characters like 'P' and 'A' can be a pain due to the off alignment. Any way to adjust?
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