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  1. lol im like wondering how you managed all that and you running MS3? You a cannon! lol DROID is sweet though :-) When I get back from the break ill see about updating somethings if I have time :-)
  2. igo and google maps and pocket player? im surprised you can do that i know igo8 takes up alot of mem.
  3. @snapz54 THanks im sure im going DROID @jaycarl there is a rom released thats being tested buy eugene over at alldroid.org, and the droid is rooted. You can tether for free its a app i beleive u get from the market. THere are custom shells home++ GDE etc you can view with documents to go and edit with it but u have to pay. THere are other programs but im pretty sure you can find free apps the same way we did with winmo. Most of the places that have winmo free stuff have android free stuff. you can load apps on the sd with app2sd u have to root ur droid but the way android works is different than winmo. Most apps are only like 1 mb or lower and most of them just put a host file on ur mem then install other files to SD. You can take better pics with the new 2.0.1 update. @andredabomb92 Yes it is imo if you really like it get it. Its great spec wise but for me I like to tinker if anything htc will be the great place because of XDA and DROID because its open source. So thats another reason why I opted out of the O2
  4. @andredabomb92 whoops lol I meant end button lol power button would just sleep the phone hehe sowwy As far as O2 im not liking it that much I didn't like the feel of the phone. DROID and TP2 even was solid O2 felt like it was hollow in the middle. Touch was nice and the ui was a bit weird looking too colorful lol but that could just be me. Because it felt like Samsung didnt have that much of a following (it had some that was good but listen more) I would pass the O2 if you want to fully customize like with ROM's etc. I will always get a HTC phone if I ever went back to winmo. So imo if you had to get a phone right now today I would say get the Imagio or Touch Pro 2 assuming that you want to stay with winmo.
  5. Yea lol I'm going Android for a couple of reasons: ATM I need/want(w/e you want to call it) a new phone with a keyboard and more mem. I'm not switching Carriers so im staying Verizon for life! lol So my choices atm are Touch Pro 2 or Moto DROID Touch Pro 2 3.2 mp camera Is bascially Discontinued Only down falls atm vs DROID Now thing is, from what I hear all current phones will not be able to support WinMo7 so I won't be able to upgrade with a TP2 come end of 2010. Then on top of that I would like a snapdragon processor if I was going winmo. So TP2 looses atm. Droid A bit more free with the open source. New OS's aren't restricted to phone specs. Faster than my Omnia more mem. At this point both win mobile and Android suit my needs (I field tested a DROID for 2 days) I figure ill stay with DROID for about 2 years give or take if I feel the need to go back to winmobile it will be a good time because Snap Dragons will be better or HD2 will be on Verizon ;) And maybe a snapdragon Touch Pro will come out >_< And a Decent Win Mobile 7 Phone will be out as well and hopefully all the kinks are fixed if any. If I don't go back to winmobile I think ill be happy with Android and googles mind control. ;) I love my Omnia and I think I would have tuffed it out if it wasnt for VZ killing the ram. But Win Mobile is still good and I will be back but for now I'm gonna go with Droid and maybe learn how to develop for them maybe cook some roms depending on whats involved. I'm making some big moves in RL so I'm not sure how thats gonna pan out though. But I will still be around here and there and those who know me will know how to contact me :-) Last notes don't go jumping on Android just yet Its good and has alot of great things but its just a field test atm so far I don't see myself leaving Android but I have 30 days when I actually get it ;) But right now my Omnia is in a better place making someone else happy :-)
  6. I regret to inform you guys and gals (are there any?) that today I will no long be making ROMS for the Omnia. I want to first and foremost thank everyone for helping me construct these weird things we call ROMS, just a few I want to note: Adrynalyne, Bgill55, Wozzer, BlazingWolf, Knotbeerdan, Waremike32, Shokka, Airreak, All the guys @ OmniaRom.com and Samsung-Omnia.or and Modaco. Everyone who developed any piece of software/theme/app/wazzoo that I shoved into my rom to make it great. I'm currently going on a 2 week vacation but I will be around to answer things, I want to shift focus into another field maybe you will see me back developing or building roms for another phone ;) Omnia scene seems like its at a all time high with lots of new coming cooks so I know I leave you guys in good hands. I wanted to continue to develop while waiting for my new phone but with the Vacation and some other things going on in RL I don't see that happening. So this is a farewell, it was alot of fun and great learning experience! Now to hit the books (n_n)
  7. No its not free but im sure you can find it free :-) I could be wrong though
  8. @jaycarl battery icon won't show unless your charging it @andredabomb92 Press the power button it should minimize
  9. Yea been running it and putting swype thru its phases everything seems great. If the program you guys request isnt that much of a bad program or at least has some benefit I usually don't mind adding stuff. I designed my roms to have alot of /device space so its about time I try to fill it up with programs worth something. I wouldnt mind having like 5 keyboards just for a option lol just have to find the right ones. Glad you guys like the rom take the plunge 28014 is worth it!
  10. the only draw back to showcase imo is that there is no settings you have to set everything in the registry so go fireup total commander and i think its in hklm software e natives or something like that
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