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  1. Hi, Although I dont use either of those products (I use Route 66 for now) - my understanding is that enhanced gps just works in that when the GPS receiver is activated it will automatically read the bin file for the co-ordinates of the satellites and provided this file has been updated within 7 days it should find a fix pretty quick. I get a fix in about 10-20 secs, but has sometimes taken a few minutes. Perhaps you could try google maps to rule out a problem with your igo etc! I also use this and get a fix pretty quick. Matt
  2. Hi, Not sure re locking to Orange. The main ROM download is from Samsung, however you have to install a Samsung modem driver before starting the update. During the upgrade, the process seems to download additional files - however I dont know if these are specifcally the Orange files or additional Samsung files. It is an English ROM, from what I can tell. Hope this helps. Matt
  3. Yeah same here - new things i noticed over the original ORANGE ROM: Enhanced GPS options available -faster position by data download Mouse control - now holding the button down scrolls and/or selects Advanced Wifi options to turn off Wifi after specified time. New Samsung today layouts - but cant be used with other plugins "Idle Mode Text" today plugin - not sure what it does though New task manager - views apps and memory usage or processes SMS conversations (threaded) IE changes - Zoom out, allows scrolling up/down page. Opera 9 installed by default Toggling off the screen during music play in WMP - now stays off when the next songs starts and If a call received during A2DP and the screen turns off(after i.e 20 secs) - music resumes correctly through headphones and not via phone speaker Noticed new file association for zip files. Opening a zip file launches "zip mobile" to extract files. ...device does seem quicker overall - just annoying to have to reinstall all my software again. Matt
  4. Definately some application is causing this. For me it was Phonealarm - I had to leave backlight settings via phonealarm as "Leave Unchanged" Matt
  5. Hi, Also went from a Hermes to this phone and havent looked back. OK so the screen is a little smaller but for me having a permanent keyboard instead of having to keep sliding the phone up and down is better usability. Matt
  6. Hi, Other people may know more , but my i780: 1 GPS works with google maps. I dont know about Garmin, however I have just purchased the latest version of Route 66 Mobile 8 that specifically mentions the i780 as being compatible so will wait and see. I have got the old version of Route 66 working but via gpsgate. 2. Orange today is still there but can be disable and there are 3 samsung "Themes" but not any other today screens like Orange (where there are modules to customise etc) 3/4 Dont know sorry. Matt
  7. Yeah, for me going through to Orange retentions seems the best option For £25 I get 150m any network/time and 850 texts I then pay £8 for 250mb of data ....for that contract - I managed to get a free Samsung i780. Its 18m contract but in 15m they waive the upgrade fee - so can upgrade then. No doubt there are better value plans out there - but for my usage this fits perfectly. Matt
  8. Hi, You have to create a shortcut to the exe, and place it in Windows/Start Menu/Programs Then in the button settings you should see the shortcut and assign to a button. Regards Matt
  9. I tried the sync cable connected via a USB car charger adaptor in the car. The red light comes on but turns off almost immediately - so the sync cable wont charge in the car. Thinking out loud - I wonder if the sync cable connected to the battery charger box (the one that charges the battery outside of the phone) would work in the car? It would be a hassle to swop over batteries, but if it works, I would always have a spare fully charged battery. Matt
  10. Hi, Orange are offering a 250MB for £8 which aint bad - trouble is you have to have known about it before starting a new contract cos they dont offer it generally. I think it a business tariff that they are now offering (if you know about it) to personal customers. Matt
  11. I have had to use GPS Gate as without it I cannot get Route 66 to work. However, I am interested to know what your GPS settings are (i.e hardware/program port) and I'll try it on my device without starting GPS Gate. Thanks Matt
  12. Have only seen this on my phone when its not in flight mode, and is waiting for you to enter the PIN unlock code for the SIM card. Other than that I dont know, unless some other app has re-mapped your soft keys. Matt
  13. Hi, On the i780, there are a few other apps that may cause the GPRS to activate. If you use the RRS or podcast readers and leave them open with automatic update turned on The automatic clock update The windows update The microsoft customer feedback .....there maybe more - I cant remember When the GPRS is connected if you click on the 3G at the top - I have a disconnect button, but am not sure if another app I use called phonealarm has added this. Hope this helps. Matt
  14. Hi, Exactly the same - the touch pad must use light to detect the movement of your thumb/finger or to be accurate detect dark areas on the pad to work out the movement. As soon as you go into the shade OR at least shade the touchpad whilst moving your finger it works fine again. Matt
  15. Hi, I have found that locking the device (ie holding down the end call key) prevents the backlight from firing up between songs. The backlight is still on all the time but is alot dimmer than normal. I have also tried a freeware program called "Screen Switch". This turns off the screen so is useful for that at least - however with regards to playing songs it still fires the screen back on between songs. 105 views but no replies so either no-one is using the i780 for listening to music via A2DP OR there is no solution yet to this problem. Matt
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